Door-to-door international shipping services for Vietnamese businesses

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Every business with a global reach must understand the diverse array of international shipping services available, including door-to-door, port-to-port, and door-to-port, to name a few. Whether you are shipping clothes and bags or heavy machinery or equipment, the chosen delivery service can significantly impact the ease of operations and the overall efficiency of the logistics chain. 

Understanding door-to-door, port-to-port, and door-to-port 

Door-to-door service offers complete transportation from the sender's door to the receiver's door, taking care of all aspects related to handling, shipping, and customs procedures. This service provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution, offering the utmost level of convenience, safety, and security. In contrast, port-to-port service involves transportation of goods between two ports, leaving the responsibility for transportation to and from the ports, as well as customs clearance, to the shipper and receiver. This option often requires more coordination and effort from the parties involved. Door-to-port service falls between the other two, including transportation from the sender's door to the original port or receiver’s port, leaving the receiver responsible for the final leg of transportation and import clearance. This service is a hybrid, offering some of the convenience of door-to-door but with more responsibilities placed on the receiver.  

Why understanding these services are crucial for Vietnamese businesses 

According to Vietnam Briefing, the value of Vietnam’s export trade increased from US$23,611 million in January 2023 to US$29,449 million in June 2023, highlighting the growing prominence of international trade within the country's economic framework. With this substantial rise in global shipping demand out of Vietnam, the full understanding and utilising of various shipping services become imperative, as they play a key role in facilitating and optimising the movement of goods across international borders. 

With its distinct advantages for both the shipper and receiver, door-to-door delivery service is one of the prominent solutions to help businesses proactively deliver goods to their partners and customers. They can thus make a good first impression and feel satisfied while forging a long-lasting relationship. Ensuring your business is positioned to leverage this economic growth effectively entails making informed decisions about your shipping and logistics needs. By selecting the appropriate shipping service Vietnamese businesses can optimise their supply chain and capitalise on the burgeoning economic landscape. 

Delving into door-to-door international delivery services 

As briefly introduced earlier, door-to-door international shipping is a comprehensive service where the logistics provider undertakes most of the transportation responsibilities. Suppose your business’ logistics partner is DHL Express. Our staff will pick up the goods from your premises anywhere in Vietnam and deliver them to the overseas consignee's door, utilising a dedicated service network, such as aircraft, vans, and delivery bikes. 

As your trusted delivery service provider, DHL Express Vietnam will not only arrange for door-to-door courier pick up and last-mile delivery but also provide end-to-end shipment visibility and customs clearance support. This significantly reduces the burden on businesses already struggling with other responsibilities.  

While port-to-port and door-to-port services may offer some benefits to a certain extent, they come with potential challenges and costs. Consider a business that wants to send goods directly from the consignor to the consignee. If they choose port-to-port or door-to-port instead of door-to-door service, they might face the following challenges:  

  • Increased coordination: The consignor and consignee must coordinate transportation to and from the ports, possibly leading to confusion or delays. 
  • Unexpected hassle: If the consignee is not well-versed in handling customs clearance, they may face unexpected circumstances and delays in receiving the goods, affecting their operations and customer satisfaction. 
  • Risk of damage: Handling by multiple parties during different legs of the transportation could increase the risk of damage to the goods. 
  • Less convenience: Overall, the process would require more effort and attention from both the consignor and consignee compared to a door-to-door service, where everything is handled by one entity. 
  • Potentially higher total costs: Though the transportation charge alone may seem economical, the consignor and/or consignee may incur additional costs related to intermediary steps such as pickup, airport handling, customs clearance, and last-mile delivery, among other factors. 

The unmistakable benefits of door-to-door shipping 

The benefits of door-to-door delivery are evident, which include but are not limited to:  

  • Lower costs and higher efficiency: This service eliminates the need for shipment consolidation and reduces transit time, effectively lowering shipping costs. Moreover, by outsourcing logistics to a courier company, businesses save time and resources, leading to higher operational efficiency.
  • Simplified management and reduced paperwork: Easy online management and tracking of the entire process is usually provided, significantly cutting down paperwork and making the shipping process much more efficient.
  • Streamlined communication: Door-to-door shipping services allow direct communication between seller and buyer about the product's status, enhancing transparency and trust.
  • All-in-one pricing structure: This model offers all-inclusive pricing from door-to-door with no hidden charges, providing a clear understanding of the total cost upfront. It eliminates unexpected fees and helps in budgeting and financial planning, a significant advantage for businesses seeking transparency and predictability in their shipping costs.

Choosing the right door-to-door international shipping provider 

However, to fully tap into these benefits and explore cross-border opportunities, choosing a reliable door-to-door international shipping provider is critical. Always do your research and look for reputable providers with extensive industry experience. The right provider should be able to offer tailored solutions, have a robust global network, and be committed to delivering exceptional customer service. 

DHL Express Vietnam: Your reliable door-to-door international delivery partner 

This is where DHL Express Vietnam comes in as an ideal logistics service provider. At DHL Express, we understand the importance of reliable, efficient, and timely logistics in today's fast-paced business environment. Thus, we strive to stay at the forefront of providing dependable door-to-door international shipping services that benefit businesses and their target customers. We are also dedicated and capable of delivering tailored logistics solutions or courier services that meet your unique business needs.  

Benefits of choosing door-to-door shipping services with DHL Express Vietnam 

Selecting door-to-door international delivery services with DHL Express Vietnam offers businesses and individuals a streamlined and hassle-free shipping experience. Enjoy benefits such as: 

  • Easy international shipping: DHL Express Vietnam offers an extensive selection of door-to-door services, simplifying international export processes with our suite of modern electronic shipping solutions. 
  • Dedicated service network: With 25 dedicated flights per week, 2 gateways, 10 service centres, 17 service points and more than 220 vehicles, we have been connecting Vietnamese businesses to over 220 countries and territories around the world. 
  • Preferential business shipping rates: Your business benefits from personalized pricing structures that align with your shipping volume, ensuring that the rates meet your specific needs. 
  • Flexible delivery options: DHL's On Demand Delivery service enhances customer satisfaction by granting them control over the delivery timing and location, minimising both inquiries and returns for your business. 

These advantages demonstrate the convenience and flexibility offered by DHL Express Vietnam's door-to-door service, catering to various business needs and promoting a more efficient and customer-friendly shipping experience. 

Booking door-to-door shipping service with DHL Express Vietnam

  1. Describe your shipment: Detail your package's characteristics – goods description, value, weight, size, etc. This aids in selecting the optimal DHL Express service and processing customs clearance. 
  2. Identify recipient: Furnish accurate recipient details for efficient routing and delivery. DHL Express couriers will liaise with the recipient before delivery. 
  3. Organise documents: Unless otherwise stated, each parcel typically requires one air waybill and an invoice. If you're dispatching documents, you don't need an invoice. Securely affix these to your parcel. 
  4. Package shipment: It's your responsibility to pack your parcel well. Avoid leaving extra space inside the box to prevent item movement and potential damage. 
  5. Submit shipment to DHL Express: Drop off your parcel at a DHL service point or create your shipment booking directly on the online shipping platform MyDHL+. 
  6. Monitor delivery: With your parcel in DHL Express’ hands, use your ten-digit DHL waybill number to track its progress.

Choose DHL Express Vietnam and open a business account today. Enhance the logistics process for your business and allow us to satisfy your shipping needs with our extensive experience and customer satisfaction commitment.