Enjoy a safe and secure international express shipping experience

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In today's global marketplace, the significance of a seamless international express shipping experience cannot be overstated. According to Trading Economics, the exports in Vietnam increased to US$30.07 billion in July from US$29.45 billion in June of 2023. Whether you are a thriving business in the country seeking to expand your horizons or an individual shipping important items across borders, the overseas delivery journey plays a pivotal role in shaping not only customers' perception of a brand but also the personal experience for those receiving important parcels. To ensure a safe and secure international express shipping experience, it's essential to understand the potential risks and challenges that may arise and take proactive measures to mitigate them.  

In this guide, we will explore these risks, delve into ways to enhance security, and shed light on how DHL Express Vietnam can be your reliable logistics partner throughout this journey. 

Potential risks and challenges of shipping goods internationally 

When it comes to shipping, several risks and challenges can impact the safety and security of your shipments. Understanding these challenges is the first step towards safeguarding your goods and ensuring a flawless international shipping experience. 

1. Wrong packaging material or size 

Selecting the appropriate packaging material and size is a fundamental step in shielding your goods from potential damage during transit. Neglecting this aspect could leave your items vulnerable to the challenges posed by overseas shipping. This is especially true for delicate and fragile items that demand an extra layer of care to withstand the rigours of the shipping process. It's crucial to invest time and effort in choosing packing materials that provide the necessary protection, ensuring your shipments arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Don't let a simple oversight compromise the security of your international shipments. 

2. Temperature-related factors 

When it comes to international shipping, temperature fluctuations play a significant role in the safety of your shipments. It's crucial to recognise that sudden changes in temperature can have adverse effects on delicate items, such as electronic shipments or pharmaceutical products. These temperature-sensitive goods might experience compromised quality upon arrival due to exposure to unfavourable environmental conditions. As you prepare your shipments for international travel, consider the potential impact of temperature on your items and take appropriate measures to safeguard their integrity throughout the journey. 

3. Improper handling and labelling of fragile goods 

When dealing with fragile goods, meticulous handling and accurate labelling on the packaging are paramount. Fragile items require a higher level of care throughout the shipping process, and this begins with appropriate handling precautions and clear labelling. Neglecting these crucial steps can result in unfortunate consequences such as breakages and losses during transit. Adequate labelling serves as a visual cue to handlers, reminding them of the delicate nature of the contents and prompting them to exercise the necessary caution. By ensuring proper handling procedures and clear labelling for your fragile shipments, you can significantly mitigate the risk of damages and enhance the likelihood of a safe and secure delivery.  

4. Cybersecurity concerns 

In our modern digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive information has become an indispensable priority for businesses venturing into international express shipping. In an era where transactions transcend geographical boundaries, the integrity of shipping accounts is of utmost importance. Cyber threats have evolved to target shipping accounts, leading to two significant perils.  

First, compromised shipping accounts can yield devastating consequences – ranging from parcels gone astray to the pilfering of confidential information.  

Second, unauthorised access to shipping accounts can inflate shipping costs without the account owner's awareness. Moreover, the spectre of scams and phishing attempts looms large, often masquerading as trusted shipping providers that deliver unauthorised text messages about package deliveries. These deceitful manoeuvres can culminate in the appropriation of sensitive data or even financial losses. With a hacker attack occurring every 39 seconds, as identified by a Clark School study, the concerning trend of cybersecurity threats within the logistics and international shipping sector is a stark reminder of the vigilance required to navigate the digital terrain securely.  

The consequences of these risks and challenges can be significant for businesses. Reputational damage, financial losses, regulatory fines, and loss of customers are just a few of the potential repercussions that businesses might face. As such, it's imperative for companies to adopt proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of their international shipments. 

Tips for achieving safe international express shipping 

1. Utilise shipping insurance for sending items abroad 

In the dynamic world of international express shipping, ensuring the safety and security of your valuable shipments is paramount. DHL Express Vietnam recognises the critical role that shipping insurance plays in mitigating risks and delivering peace of mind to businesses. Our comprehensive and cost-effective shipment insurance encompasses an array of benefits designed to safeguard your interests. Whether it's offering extended liability, protection for high-value items, or providing coverage against unforeseen challenges, our shipping insurance is a robust shield against the uncertainties of shipping. By insuring your packages, you can transcend the barriers of concerns related to parcel delivery scams, reshipping fraud, and shipment security. At DHL Express Vietnam, we offer more than just shipping coverage; we offer a promise of reliability and trust, empowering you to navigate the international shipping landscape confidently. Shipping insurance with DHL Express Vietnam is pegged at VND 315,000 or 1.5% of the insured value if it is higher.  

2. Protect your shipping account 

Securing your shipping account is crucial in guaranteeing a safe and reliable shipping journey. Opting for a logistics partner equipped with robust security tools is a strategic approach. At DHL Express Vietnam, we offer eSecure, an advanced security feature designed to enhance the protective layers around your shipping account. By creating an account with us, you unlock the potential to harness the benefits of eSecure, fortifying your shipping operations against potential threats. As your shield against the evolving territory of shipping security, our eSecure solution enables you to:  

  • Gain complete control and prevent unauthorized use of your DHL Express shipping account 
  • Define your trusted partner email domains and automatically approve their requests to access your account 
  • Minimize account usage requests from untrustworthy shippers by rejecting all such requests by default 

3. Enhance fraud awareness  

In the realm of international shipping, bolstering fraud awareness becomes a cornerstone of business protection. To fortify their defences, businesses must cultivate a culture of vigilance and adeptly identify red flags. Key to this endeavour is recognising the subtle differentiators between authentic DHL Express Vietnam services and their spurious counterparts. For instance, DHL Express Vietnam is always available through authentically branded offices and delivery network, as well as official communication channels whereas unauthorised shipping agents are typically lacking these. Companies should also note that DHL Express Vietnam champions modern practices, leveraging electronic shipping documents and air waybills generated via MyDHL+, discarding the antiquated reliance on handwritten air waybills. 

Safeguard your business with DHL Express Vietnam 

At DHL Express Vietnam, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face, and we are committed to providing solutions that ensure a safe and secure international express shipping experience. By utilising shipping insurance, protecting your shipping account, and enhancing fraud awareness, you can traverse the world of shipping with confidence and ease. Our comprehensive suite of services, including eSecure, is designed to empower your business and facilitate a seamless and protected shipping journey. With DHL Express Vietnam as your trusted logistics partner, you can unlock the full potential of international commerce while maintaining the highest standards of security and reliabilityOpen a business account with us today.