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In this space especially dedicated to DHL eCommerce Customers, you can access various features in a single online application that allows you to manage all your shipments in a pair of clicks. 

We understand the growing importance of digital solutions and the benefits they bring in terms of flexibility, speed and autonomy. That’s why we continuously update our customer area with expanded features, eye-catching design, and usability and data protection improvements.

Now you can manage your shipments in just one click!

It’s quite simple! You only need your DHL Customer account and one minute of your time to explore and enjoy all the features available 24/7:

  • One-stop-shop: single tool, single login and password
  • Customize the tool to your needs
  • Create your domestic or international, business, or e-commerce shipments
  • Request and monitor your collections from any address in Europe
  • Quickly access the information you’re interested in with search filters and reports

  • Create and manage your online store returns (e-commerce shipping)
  • Automate tasks and optimize the time you spend managing your shipments
  • Manage your shipments whenever you want: available 24/day, 7/week
  • Check your invoices online

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a new user, what should I do?

    To start using the Customer Area you will need to automatically register with your email by entering the assigned customer account. Self-registration allows you to sign into the account in two ways:

        a) Enter the 8-digit account and the city field will auto-populate.

        b) Enter up to 6 digits of the account and choose the city to which it belongs.

    I entered the account, however I want to change it after I have locked the field.

    Log out by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon you will find in the top right corner of the screen and you can start the self-registration process with another account.

    Why is the company TIN requested to finalize the registration?

    If you are the first registered user, by default the administrator profile for that TIN will be automatically assigned to you.

    From there, you can add as many accounts as you want associated with that NIF. In addition, you will be able to manage permissions for other users who self-register. If you wish to view and manage account shipments with another associated TIN, you should contact your DHL eCommerce manager for activation.

    When registering, a warning came to me that an administrator already exists for that account. What does this mean?

    A user already exists associated with this account. As an account administrator, that user will need to  approve your registration request. After processing your request, we will send you a welcome email in which we will inform you of the permissions that the administrator has enabled for you. If the administrator does not validate your request, you will receive a weekly reminder email for a period of one month from the registration request.

  • I blocked my user by mistake, how do I recover them?

    You have made more than ten failed login attempts in a single session. An email will be sent with a token, which allows you to unlock access.

    I did not receive the welcome email.

    It may be due to several reasons: the email went to the Spam folder; your administrator has not yet approved your request and you need to wait for your request to be accepted; or the email you entered is not valid, in which case you should contact your DHL eCommerce shipping manager.

    Forgot/password expired

    Your password is valid for six months. If you do not remember it, you can always recover it.

  • I just registered and when I enter, I don't see my details.

    Depending on the volume of data in your account, the system will need time to update. In this case, it is advisable to wait 30 minutes and access again after that time.

    I want to delete a user and I can't.

    Users can only be deleted by the administrator. If you wish to delete or change an administrator user, you should contact your business manager for such change.

    I see linked accounts, but I can't add new accounts.

    Only the administrator user can add accounts from the same TIN. You can request permission directly from your profile and must wait for approval of your request. After processing your request, we will send you a confirmation email.

  • How can I customize and configure my views?

    On your first access to the Customer Area, you will see the standard DHL eCommerce view. However, this view is dynamic and this means you can move, delete, and add fields according to your preferences. There are two ways to do this:

    1. Place the cursor over the name of the corresponding field (you will see that the field in question is highlighted with a gray shadow), click and hold the mouse button and move it to the location of your choice. Click one of the arrows to sort in ascending or descending order and the reverse arrow will disappear. Click once more and you will get the reverse order. A third click restores the initial order. To remove a field, click the red X.
    2. Use the wheel icon, which indicates Settings, at the far right of the field bar. You will find this icon under Shipment Tracking, Shipment Management, Collections and Electronic Billing.

    Can I download or email reports with my custom views and selected filters?

    Yes. Through the export or share buttons, you can get a custom report of the selected fields and filters in the different Customer Area modules: Tracking of Shipments / New Shipment / Reports Shipping Management / Collections / Billing.

    How much activity time is displayed?

    By default 7 days, however you can refer to a history of up to 90 days.

  • Will it only be feasible to track shipments/collections that have been made online?

    No. You can track all shipments, both Outbound and Arrivals, as well as Collections from all accounts associated with the registered user.

    Shipment tracking displays only 17 characters in the Reference field, why?

    Although only 17 characters are shown in the list, you can search for references up to 35 characters.

    Can I refer to the solutions selected by any user for shipments requiring management?

    Yes, the Customer Area will allow you to see the type of solution given to your shipments from both the public area of the site and the Customer Area, as well as those that may have been processed from DHL eCommerce.

    What does in-transit and pending shipments mean in my home shipments?

    a.  Shipments in Transit -> Expected Delivery Date Not Expired

    b.  Pending Shipments –> Expected Delivery Date Expired

    I need to know the status of my pending shipments, how can I contact DHL eCommerce?

    It’s very simple, three dots will appear to the right of the shipment so that with a single click you can send a query directly to our Customer Service, available for domestic shipments (Portugal and Spain), which are due for delivery and do not require prior management on your part.

    Can I download proof of delivery?

    Yes. You can download proof of delivery for your domestic shipments (Portugal and Spain), both outbound and arrival. It can be obtained from the shipment details or from the specific Proof of Delivery tab, with a maximum of 10 proofs per search. If you need any proof of delivery for international shipments, you should request it from Customer Service.

    Can I download TWO?

    Yes, the DUAs for your shipments to the Canary Islands and international destinations are available in the shipment details.

  • I don't have access to the Shipping menu, how can I get permission to generate my shipments?

    Access to this menu is now restricted to authorized users, so please contact your DHL eCommerce shipping manager for activation.

    Can I configure my preferred/default settings?

    Yes. You should access the > Create Shipments Profile Settings tab, where you can configure your user settings and/or settings for each of the accounts associated with your profile, except for the type of recipient or contracted service (B2C e-commerce or B2B Intercompany ) that is already pre-determined by DHL eCommerce.

    I always want to ship all my shipments with the same account and sender address, but I have several accounts associated with my profile. Can I mark it as the default?

    We offer the option to set up the account and/or sender address you want to appear by default when creating your shipments by checking the Default box. You can also define and predetermine the type of volumes you use most, as well as associate a series of Additional Services with all your shipments for each of your accounts.

    How can I transmit my shipment information to DHL eCommerce?

    There are two options:

    • Automatic:  the transmission of the information is sent directly to DHL eCommerce. Standard option for B2C e-commerce accounts
    • Manual: You can postpone the transmission of your shipment information and generate your daily locks or custom transmissions. Default option for B2B Intercompany accounts

    If you wish to change your settings, please contact your DHL eCommerce shipping manager.

    I forgot to manually close my shipments delivered to DHL eCommerce yesterday

    Don’t worry! We sweep all shipments with an expected loading date of the day that were not transmitted to us on a daily basis. As a result, we guarantee that your shipments will not be delayed.

    How can I change the streaming settings for my shipments?

    Contact us to change your settings.

    Can I use a service other than the standard for my accounts?

    Yes, you will always have the option to ship a B2C e-commerce shipment or a B2B Intercompany shipment regardless of the standard DHL eCommerce service type setting.

    Can I edit, modify, or delete my submissions?

    Yes, if the status of your submission is draft or printed. It will not be possible if your shipment is finalized, i.e. the shipment information has already been transmitted to DHL eCommerce.

    Can I import a shipment listing to my Customer Area?

    Yes. You must first create an import scheme, which you can use later, to relate the fields in your file to the fields in the tool. These shipments will be saved as a draft, and you must first print the labels for the shipment to be finalized.

  • Can I get my custom reports easily and without having to change the filters in each view?

    Yes. Through the Reports module, you can view, share, and download your reports with one click, as each report defaults with its default filters and date ranges. The visible fields will be those you have configured in your view for each tab you have access to. Only one file can be viewed and/or exported at a time. On the other hand, up to 6 reports can be shared at a time.

    What does each date range mean in my reports?

    • Diary: Events generated following shipments or scheduled pickup dates from the previous day. In the case of pending shipments, all shipments whose expected delivery date has expired, whether or not the previous day, appear.
    • Weekly: Events generated following shipments or expected collection dates from the previous week.
    • Monthly: Events generated following shipments or expected collection dates from the previous month.
  • Is it possible to manage incidences of shipments already delivered?

    No, you can only manage incidences of shipments pending delivery. These shipments will be easily identifiable via an identifying icon, both in the shipment tracking and shipment details, as well as in the specific section of shipment management.

  • Can I request a pickup from my address?

    If you do not have a fixed pickup or require an additional pickup, you can always request a pickup at your address. Please remember that packages must be correctly labeled and you must provide us with shipment information for this pickup.

    Can I request a pickup from another address, other than my default address?

    This service is only available for the DHL Parcel Europlus Domestic product (Intercompany domestic shipments). You can request a return to your usual address (inverse logistics) or a delivery to a third party, including an international DHL Parcel Connect Plus delivery.

    I have multiple pick-ups to make, can I import into the Customer Area?

    Yes, you can import your collections at other addresses, check the status of your import files, and correct import errors.

    Can I cancel, duplicate or repeat a collection?

    Yes. From Collection History, by selecting a specific collection, you can cancel a collection, duplicate data from a previous collection, or repeat a collection that has not been made without having to generate a new collection.

  • Can I request an international pickup for delivery to my address?

    Yes. This service is only available for the DHL Parcel Connect Plus B2B product (Intercompany shipments), where the return is to your usual address (inverse logistics). In addition, you will be able to access a history where you will be able to view all requested international collections.

  • I don’t have access to the Billing menu, how can I view invoices for my shipments?

    Access to this menu is restricted to authorised users so you will need to contact your DHL eCommerce manager to activate this tab, or your Administrator if they have access to this tab.

     How can I view my invoices?

    Once the billing tab is selected, you can download the PDF of the invoice issued, and if you click on the invoice number link, you can download the details of each shipment of that invoice.

    How long are invoices available in my Customer Area?

    Invoices will be available for one year.

  • Can I import my address book into the Customer Area?

    Yes, you must first create an import scheme, which you can use later, to relate the fields in your file to the fields in the tool.

    Can I modify my address book data?

    Yes, you can modify it directly in your address book from your Customer Area.

Need help?

Please contact our customer service team who will help resolve any issue.