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See which goods are subject to restrictions for transportation

Shipments of goods are regulated by national and international regulations according to the means of transport. The purpose of these regulations is to prevent accidents with people and materials, as well as damage to the environment. Regulations include issues such as packaging requirements, the maximum amounts that can be transported and the kinds of goods that can or cannot be transported in the same transport unit.

What goods are prohibited for transport?

Please note that DHL eCommerce does not transport all types of goods through its network. Please ensure that your shipment does not contain any of the following prohibited goods:

  • Original firearms and full imitations and parts of firearms, ammunition, explosives/explosive devices
  • Dangerous goods (flammable, toxic, corrosive, etc.) that do not respect authorized limited quantities and are not correctly identified
  • Explosive materials and components
  • Live animals
  • Human or Gray Remains
  • Metals and gemstones
  • Cash (legal currency - bank notes, bills, coins) and bank cards
  • Illegal substances and objects, such as counterfeit and narcotic goods

See the full list of restricted and prohibited goods in Article 2 of the terms and conditions of carriage from DHL eCommerce.

Packaging Suggestions

The right packaging helps keep shipments safe throughout the journey.

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