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We offer flexible delivery options and a private shipping serviceso you can ship on time at the best price in a very simple way.

Perform online shipping

Create your label online, prepare your shipment and delivered to a ServicePoint DHL.

Send at DHL Point of Sale

Make your submissions with the help of our partners who will handle the entire process.

Receive Shipment

Follow-up shipping and flexible delivery options that adapt to your day-to-day.

Return Shipment

Return your orders simply and quickly with DHL eCommerce.

Flexible Delivery Options

  • Change Delivery Day
  • Collect Order at Pick Point
  • Delivery in Neighbor or Porteiro
  • Change Morada

Make your shipments simple and fast

Only 3 steps to ship with DHL eCommerce

  • You only need:

    • Shipment details (sender, receiver, measurements and weight);
    • Pay online;
    • Print label.
  • Using the appropriate packaging is essential to ensure your shipment arrives free of damage.

    • Choose an appropriate package for what you want to send. If necessary, use plastic filling so that the shipment does not move within the box;
    • Indicate if the goods are fragile, it is important for the carriers to know;
    • Close the box with packing tape, covering all corners and put the label visible in the box.
  • Deliver shipment to one of our ServicePoints and we'll handle delivery at the destination as soon as possible. Find ServicePoint closest to you via postal code here.