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Are climate change, the environment and the sustainability of the planet important to you? 

It can neutralize the environmental impact of your shipments, making your shipments carbon dioxide neutral, while helping  improve the lives of millions of people. DHL’s emissions compensation program enables more sustainable transportation and  supports projects that help reduce carbon emissions around the world. It is an effective way to balance the need for transportation with environmental responsibility.

Additional services for DHL account customers

  • €50 per report

  • With our emissions compensation solution, you can offset the environmental impact of your shipments. The final shipment offset amount depends on its weight. To calculate the total offset amount, the values in the table are multiplied by the number of kilos taxed from the shipment.


    COST PER KG Portugal

    DHL Parcel Europlus Domestic


    DHL Parcel Connect Plus



    COST PER KG Portugal

    DHL Parcel Iberia


    DHL Parcel Iberia Return


    DHL Parcel Connect



    • The minimum amount to be charged per cleared shipment is 1 cent.
    • Applicable to all shipments from their customer account.
    • This product takes into account CO2 emissions originating in the Iberian Peninsula territory. 
    • Amounts applicable for 2024.

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