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The correct packaging helps to make shipments secure for the entire trip

Although we have all the care we have with the transportation of your shipments, it is important that they are correctly packed and packaged. We leave some suggestions for the box to travel as safely as possible.


Protect the inside of the shipment

It is very important that shipping is protected inside to prevent any type of break or rust. There are several materials to properly package merchandise inside the box: bubble plastic, modular boxes or moldable foam. Use them to prevent merchandise from moving inside the box. 


Close the box correctly

It is imperative that the shipment is closed properly to prevent it from opening during the trip to the destination. To safely close the box, we recommend that you use packing tape and place it on top of the box, as at the bottom of the box. For added safety, also place on corners. 


Paste label into a visible place

The label should be stuck in the box without kinks or tears. Remember to place the label only on one side of the box and if it is a reused box, remove the old labels. Make sure that the label print is quality so that the code can be read correctly. 

Perform online shipping

Create your label online, prepare your shipment and delivered to a ServicePoint DHL.

Send at DHL Point of Sale

Make your submissions with the help of our partners who will handle the entire process.

Receive Shipment

Follow-up shipping and flexible delivery options that adapt to your day-to-day.

Return Shipment

Return your orders simply and quickly with DHL eCommerce.