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Paperless invoice is the perfect alternative to paper invoice, and will benefit from a fast, reliable billing service. Plus, it’s easy to use! View your invoices, search between your archived invoice history and download financial information in multiple formats.

What advantages does the electronic invoice offer me?

  • Paperless Transactions: each time an electronic invoice is issued, you will receive an email with the attached invoice in CSV and PDF format and a web access link.
  • Multiple formats: you can download your electronic invoices in various formats including CSV (to import to an Excel sheet), and PDF (ideal for printing or e-mail as an attachment). This will prevent you from entering invoice data manually into your accounting system, eliminating errors and saving time.
  • Search your online history: your electronic invoices will be available online for 12 months. So you can see and locate information in a few seconds.

In order to access, you need an DHL Customer account. Please contact us.

  • Yes, in fact it is safer than many traditional systems to send and receive financial information. Data is encrypted in a link http safe. E-Invoicing puts a faster, secure, and efficient billing service at your disposal.

  • Yes. You can view and download for free. To do so, you should access or register.

  • Yes. There is no cost to receive your invoices online.

  • Access the link when you receive the email notification. This will take you directly to the DHL eCommerce Customer Area page. You can also view your attached invoice in PDF format.

Need help?

Please contact our customer service department and we will help you resolve your issue.