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Please enter at least one tracking code.




A message (email or sms) will be sent with the name of the pick point where you can lift your order.


Documentation required

In order to collect the submission, you must present the Citizen Card (or equivalent identification document). If the shipment cannot be collected in person, use this statement so someone else does it in their place. Please attach a copy of your ID to the completed statement.


Collect Shipment

Go to the pick point to collect your order! You have 10 days to do so.

Benefits of DHL Collect Points

  • About 1,000 ServicePoints in Portugal
  • Always 10 minutes away
  • Convenient locations (near home or work)
  • Widened hours of operation, including weekends
  • Collect your orders and deliver your shipments
  • Simple online shopping returns

Submit Order

Make your shipments simple and fast

You can ship your orders or returns in two ways: make your label online, or send from one of our DHL Outlets.

Receive Shipment

Follow-up shipping and flexible delivery options that adapt to your day-to-day.

Return Order

With or without return label

Return your orders simply and quickly with DHL eCommerce.