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Electronic invoicing or e-billing

  • Yes. Electronic invoicing is safer than many traditional systems to send and receive financial information. Data is encrypted in a link http safe. E-Invoicing puts a faster, secure, and efficient billing service at your disposal.

  • Yes. You can view and download for free. To do so, you should access or register.

  • Yes. There is no cost to receive your invoices online.

  • Access the link when you receive the email notification. This will take you directly to the DHL eCommerce Customer Area page. You can also view your attached invoice in PDF format.

Customer Support

  • The DHL shipment tracking page gives you real-time information from your shipment status

  • We recommend that you open an account if you ship frequently. This option allows you to negotiate the price by getting savings and having the opportunity to pay the invoice monthly. Occasional customers can pay in cash. Contact

  • In the event of a guaranteed time-off that has not been met by DHL’s responsibility, you should contact the customer support which will manage your credit.

  • If your shipment has not arrived at the destination, it is important that you tell us about it at Customer Support  so we can help.

  • It depends on the means of transportation that you will be shipping. Please contact our Service Customer Support.

  • This question will have to deal with the seller. Depending on the type of product you have purchased, of your value, how the seller has documented them for customs and country of origin. If customs charges a commodity tax, it will be DHL to pay in the first instance, but this tax must be paid by you, even if you do not accept the delivery of the goods.

  • Of course. DHL has a solid experience in international shipping. Please contact the our service of Customer Support to find out how we can help.

  • Please note that when you shop via the internet, many of these items do not pay for your country. When shipments are not domestic or from a EU country, the items that matter are subject to the payment of duties and taxes in the amount set out by Customs. In general the rights and fees are not included in online purchases.

    DHL may pay Customs for the corresponding expenses on your behalf when entering the country. This simple process ensures that courier can deliver your purchases as little as possible. Please note that we will only deliver your shipment when we are refunded the rights and fees DHL has advanced you.

Customer Area

  • They should expect the last invoice. In the event that there is no billing yet and would like to start using the Customer Area, please contact your dealer.

  • No,  You can track all shipments and collections that are associated with the account you registered with.

  • By default 30 days even though exceptional cases can be extended in exceptional cases.

  • Although only 17 characters are shown in the listing, the search for references up to 35 characters.

  • No,  You can only manage shipments from delivery pending shipments.
    So if you are looking for a search of all the incidences you have had for one month you will always have to dial “Pending”.

Proof of delivery or EPOD

  • Select Shipment Tracking and Proof of Delivery. You can also get 25 Proof of Delivery at once. To obtain the electronic Proof of your shipments you need to have an account with DHL

  • There are occasions when operational reasons cannot capture the scanned signature and therefore does not appear in the document, even if this includes the name of the person who signed it, as well as the date and time of delivery. When electronic signature is available, the “Get Signature” message will always appear

  • When you request multiple Proof of Delivery, you can receive them automatically in a “framework” format. You only have to select that option. This format allows you to view details of multiple shipments in a single pagin. Try it!

  • To ensure that information is used solely for that purpose: that is, to confirm that DHL has delivered your shipment.