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Whatever your shipping needs, at DHL eCommerce we can help. We offer a private mailing service so you can make point shipments at the best price. Online or from our ServicePoint DHL Sales Points, our private shipping solutions are simple and flexible.

Prepare your shipments online and delivered to a ServicePoint DHL

Shipments from €6.39 with discount code ONLINE4YOU. Take advantage of a 20% reduction on all online shipments, and you’ll have up to 3 months to use your label. There are over 1,000 ServicePoints where you can deliver your shipment.


Create and print label

It’s just 3 steps:

  • Shipment details (origin, destination, measurements and weight);
  • Pay online;
  • Print the label;


Pack shipment safely

Using the appropriate packaging is essential to ensure your shipment arrives free of damage.

  • Choose an appropriate package for what you want to send. If necessary, use plastic filling so that the shipment does not move within the box;
  • Indicate if the goods are fragile, it is important for the carriers to know;
  • Close the box with packing tape, covering all corners.


Paste the label on the carton and deliver the shipment to a ServicePoint

  • Put the label in a visible place and ensure it is securely attached. The best place to stick the label is in the middle of one face of the pack, avoiding the corners and without covering or folding the barcode.
  • We just missed shipping one of our ServicePoints and we handle delivery at the destination as soon as possible. Find the closest ServicePoint via postal code here.

Make your shipments from one of our DHL Outlets

Head to one of our DHL Points of Sale and ship from €6.79, with the help of our DHL ServicePoint partners who will take care of the whole process.


Pre-pack your submission

Pack and pre-pack your shipment securely. Using proper packaging is essential!

See our packaging suggestions here

*This shipping option does not include packaging by what must pre-pack your shipment.


Go to an DHL Point of Sale

Carry the details of the shipment (dimensions, sender, recipient) and our ServicePoint DHL partners handle the entire submission process for themselves!

You can pay for your shipping in-store, through the payment methods available at each ServicePoint.

Find the nearest Point of Sale here

Filter by ‘Pay and ship DHL’ to locate only DHL Points of Sale


Rest rested!

Your submission will be collected by DHL and delivered to the destination as soon as possible! As you go, you will receive your invoice email and shipping number so you can follow up to the destination.

Packaging Suggestions

The right packaging helps keep shipments safe throughout the journey.

Restricted or Prohibited Products

Shipments of goods are regulated by national and international regulations according to the means of transport. See which goods are subject to restrictions for transportation.


Return your orders simply and quickly with DHL eCommerce.


  • 24-48 hour deliveries in Portugal and Spain and 3-9 business days in rest of Europe
  • Online tracking simplified so you know where your submission is
  • Recipient can change shipment delivery from any network parents

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