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The electronic delivery evidence is a document with capturing the image of the delivery details and the signature of the person receiving the shipment. This way you will always have the most relevant information at your disposal without having to contact DHL eCommerce. You can view, unload, print or email.

Through the Customer Area you have easy access to this feature!

  • Select Shipment Tracking and Proof of Delivery. You can also get up to 25 Proof of Delivery at once. To obtain the electronic Proof of your shipments you need to have an account with DHL.

  • There are occasions where operational reasons cannot capture the digitized signature and therefore does not appear in the document even if it includes the name of the person who signed it, as well as the date and time of delivery. When the electronic signature is available, the “Get Signature” message will always appear.

  • When you request multiple Proof of Delivery, you can automatically receive them in a “table” format. You only have to select that option. This format allows you to view details of multiple shipments in a single pagin. Try it!

  • To ensure that the information provided and used solely for that purpose: that is to confirm that DHL has delivered your shipment.