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DHL eCommerce knows that automating your online store processes benefits you and your customers. That’s why we’ve developed an effective system so you can connect DHL to your online store.

  • Label Creation
  • Follow Up Submission
  • ServicePoint Delivery
  • Returns

Discover more about our e-commerce integrations

    • They are ideal for those who want to use dedicated applications for DHL services, such as printing labels or tracking shipments.
    • They are especially indicated if you have experience with web services and XML messages.
    • They are ideal for improving e-commerce functionality.
    • Automate your shipment management and gain access to all DHL eCommerce services
    • Adaptation of your online store logistics process
    • Connection with your internal shipping application
    • It facilitates the capabilities of internal shipping applications, shopping carts and e-commerce platforms.
    • Uses standard XML from a secure platform to integrate with DHL.
    • You will have control of the implementation times.
    • Service Level Inquiry – You can choose the service that best suits your needs based on your shipping criteria, and know the deadline for the request, the time of collection and transit times.
    • Print labels
    • Pickup Request – Please make a pickup request or cancel one already performed.
    • Shipment Tracking – Has complete visibility of events during shipment, including estimated delivery time.
    • Returns – Enables your customers to return shipments while maintaining control of the entire process.

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