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Through our integrated solutions in your business process, and our great network, shipping and pallets is fast and easy. Whatever the destination, National or Europe, we have the best solution for your company. We have more than 80 years of expertise and we offer the best business-to-business transportation service. Thanks to our daily efforts, DHL Parcel makes us B2B logistics leaders

Advantages of DHL Parcel’s intercompany shipping service

Specific Solutions

Specialized shipping solutions for editorial, fashion, electric, etc.

80 Years Experience

We have several decades of experience offering solutions to companies for their domestic and international shipments.

Additional Services

Can hire additional services that adapt to your business specific shipping needs

Speed of delivery

Thanks to our high-capillary network, we deliver door-to-door deliveries within 24/48 hours across the Iberian Peninsula.

Follow Up Submission

  You can follow your orders and pallets from start to finish. In addition, our customer area allows you to manage your shipments 24/7.

Personalised Attention

We have a professional and experienced customer support service to answer all your questions and inquiries.

Ship your orders and pallets with DHL Parcel to the Iberian Peninsula and Europe

Domestic B2B Shipments

A ground transportation service for intercompany shipments with door-to-door deliveries in Portugal and Spain.

International B2B Shipments

A delivery service for businesses throughout Europe.

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Have an eCommerce business and search for a logistics partner to ship your products to the Iberian Peninsula and Europe?

Learn about our specialized solutions for your e-commerce shipments.