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In this dedicated space for DHL Parcel Customers, you can access various features to manage your shipments. It’s quite simple! Only needs your Client account and one minute of your time to explore and disfrutise all available functionality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Perform shipments online
  • Do the follow your shipments
  • Make a managing your shipments
  • Unload Reports of your shipments
  • View it proof of delivery
  • Request Withdrawal national and international
  • See your online invoices (detailed export in.excel and/or.csv)

If you are not a Customer yet and are interested in our services, please click here.

Frequently asked questions

  • To begin using the Customer Area, you must register with the email and your account number. The registration allows you to enter the account in two ways:

    a) Enter 8 digits of the account and the city field will be auto populated

    b) Enter up to 6 digits of the account and choose the city you belong to

  • Cancel the session by clicking on the three-way button on the top right of the screen and then start the registration process again, entering the account you want.

  • A user associated with this account already exists and as an account administrator, you must approve your registration request. Once this request is approved, the registration confirmation email will be sent and inform you which permissions have been given by the administrator.

  • After 10 attempts to login to the wrong user/password the account is locked. An email will be sent to unlock the account again.

  • There are several reasons, if one of those is not any of the below, you should contact DHL Parcel.

    • The email may have been in the spam folder
    • The administrator may not have approved your request
    • Invalid email address
  • The link in the email for the password change is only valid for one hour. If you have passed that deadline you should request a new password.

  • Depending on the volume of account data, the system takes some time to upload / update your data. It is advisable to wait 30 minutes and try again.

  • Users can only be deleted by the adminstrator. If you want to delete or change an administrator user you should contact DHL Parcel.

  • Only the administrator can add accounts to the same ID.

  • Yes, using the export or share buttons you can get a custom report of fields and filters from the different tabs in the Customer Area: Shipping Tracking / Shipment Management / Collections.

  • The default period is 7 days, but up to 180 days of records can be consulted.

  • No. You can track all shipments, Domestic or International and Arrivals, of all accounts associated with the user.

  • Although only 17 characters are shown in the listing, it is possible to search for references up to 35 characters.

  • No. Only shipments of shipments that have not yet been delivered can be managed. These shipments are easily identifiable with the specific one in both Shipment Tracking and Shipment Detail. You can also check them on the tab Shipping Management.

  • Yes. In the Customer Area, you can check the type of solution given to your shipments from your account as well as those that may have been transmitted by DHL Parcel.

  • You can only manage shipments from shipments to Iberia and all those that are international arrivals. For others, please contact DHL Parcel for the resolution of the incidence.

  • If you do not have a fixed pickup or require additional pickup, you can always place the pickup request. Shipments must be properly packaged and tagged, ready for pickup.

  • This service is only available for product DHL Parcel Europlus. You can request a return to your usual address or to a different one.

  • Service only available for collections in Spain, no pickup requests are allowed for other countries through the Customer Area.

  • Yes, if the pickup request is made within schedule for same day collections of the relevant postal code. Otherwise, it will be done the next business day.

  • No. DHL Parcel needs a range of hours to pick up, either tomorrow or afternoon.

  • Yes. There are weight limitations and measurements by pickup postcode. If the commodity exceeds these limits, a warning message will appear at the time the pickup request is made.

  • Yes, you can download proof of delivery with shipping detail with up to 10 search evidence.

  • Proof of delivery is available from 24 to 48 after the delivery date.

  • It is possible that after the estimated time we have not yet had an image of the available proof of delivery. If this is the case, a message will appear when searching for this proof.

Need help?

Please contact our customer service department and we will help you resolve your issue.