Quality from crop to customer

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Over the last two decades, Young Living Essential Oils has grown to become an influential force in the global essential oils industry. Originally starting with farms in the United States, the brand has since expanded to source raw materials from farms across the globe – from Australia to Europe, South America to Asia. We spoke to the company’s Australia team about what it takes to deliver quality products to an international customer base.

DHL Express’ upgraded Boeing 767-300F aircraft has recently begun flying overnight between Sydney and Auckland, five times a week, offering 50 per cent more cargo capacity. How may Young Living’s business benefit from this enhanced service?

The growth of our New Zealand business has been exceeding our expectations, growing exponentially monthly. The fact that DHL Express is now offering increased cargo capacity, gives us confidence that our continuing growth will not be limited by DHL’s service capabilities.

What is Young Living’s most popular product among Australian and New Zealand customers, and has Young Living witnessed any changes to the preferences of customers in recent years?

Customers are certainly better informed and educated about their health and wellness nowadays. They proactively seek information, not only about overall product quality but also, the purity and source of its ingredients.

Young Living’s Ningxia Red is our best selling product because it ticks all of those boxes. It’s a delicious and refreshing drink packed with Ningxia wolfberries (known locally in Australia as Goji berries) and more to deliver whole-body wellness benefits. It’s a must have product for every customer.

How do you ensure the integrity of your products are upheld during transportation, all the way from the farm to the customer? Do you utilise special packaging?

Our raw material essential oils are sealed by our farms in containers with tamper evident seals. Upon receipt at the warehouse these seals are inspected by our Receiving and Quality Assurance departments. Any significant evidence found that points toward tampering during transportation starts an investigation which generally leads to material rejection. Raw material lots with intact seals are subsequently sampled and tested to ensure they meet Young Living’s stringent specification requirements.

With consumers increasingly shopping online for essential oil-based products like skincare and cleaning items, how do you ensure that your customers receive a high level of customer experience?

Delivering a great online shopping experience comes from a thorough understanding of our customers, their needs and preferences. However, it’s our products that provide the ultimate customer experience.

Our reputation is built on delivering 100 per cent purity of Young Living Essential Oils through our ‘Seed to Seal’ process. These exacting standards ensure the potency and integrity of our oils at each step of the production process.

What are the key ingredients for success when it comes to the Young Living and DHL Express partnership?

The speed of delivery from the order placement, to the arrival on the customer’s doorstep has been a major success in our partnership with DHL Express. Our customers always get excited when they place their order and receive it the very next day.

For more information on Young Living Essential Oils, visit the company’s website.