Your guide to the benefits of one-off shipment services

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There are several shipping options to choose from when sending parcels from Australia to overseas, one of them being one-off shipments. Offering both flexibility in shipment preparation and intuitive features like real-time tracking, we dive into how they can be suitable for you. 

Individuals looking to send parcels from Australia to recipients overseas have a plethora of shipping companies to choose from. But deciding on the right courier service requires some consideration of factors like frequency of shipments and how fast the shipment arrives at the receiver’s doorstep. 

Often, most individuals benefit better from one-off shipment services, whether they’re sending documents or bulkier packages. Understanding what one-off shipment entails and its advantages can help you decide whether it’s a suitable service for you. Paying attention to the various factors is also important when narrowing down to the courier company to engage. 

What is a one-off shipment?

Choosing a reliable delivery service to send your parcels to various destinations overseas is paramount to business success. Opening a business account with a courier company allows you to streamline your operations and gain access to premium services for your regular shipments. But for individuals who do not ship parcels as regularly, or are shipping personal shipments to friends and family, there is often no need to register an account with a shipping provider. All you need to do is fill in the details of your shipment, have the company deliver your items in a single delivery, and you’re sorted. These are referred to as one-off shipments. 

Benefits of one-off shipments

Since you don’t need to sign up for an account when sending a one-off shipment, you won’t have to worry about recalling your login information each time you need to arrange a parcel delivery. With such freedom, you can choose any international courier service that can deliver your package the fastest or based on other needs and preferences you may have. 

Factors to consider when choosing a courier service for one-off shipments

One-off shipment options may not offer certain flexibilities or services which you can otherwise benefit from when you sign up for an account with the delivery provider. That said, a few factors remain important to ensure a smooth and streamlined process for one-off shipments.

1. Services offered

Without opening an account, certain courier companies may still provide the same benefits to those sending one-off shipments. These include preparing the shipment online instead of visiting a service centre, access to parcel tracking, as well as 24/7 customer service.

2. Drop-off points or arrange a pick up from your location

Having nearby drop-off points for the shipping company you are considering makes the process a whole lot more convenient. For example, DHL Express offers several drop-off points across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and others.

You can also have your parcel sent overseas without leaving your home. When you ship with DHL Express, you can arrange for your parcel to be picked up by our courier team by simply booking for a suitable time slot online or dropping us a call.

3. Speed of delivery

A good one-off shipment service ensures your parcel reaches your recipients in a timely manner, so deciding upon one of the fastest courier companies will be helpful. After all, you don’t want your recipient to be waiting on the package for a long period of time. Plus, an express courier service with online shipment tracking capabilities will ensure you’re kept updated at every stage of your shipment’s journey – all the way from Australia to its final destination overseas.

4. Pricing

A cost-effective courier service will help you send your one-off shipment within budget, while ensuring a timely and safe delivery. Some delivery providers, like DHL Express, will have an online booking platform where you can enter the origin and destination of your shipment, along with its weight and dimensions to instantly obtain a quote on the cost of the delivery.

5. Parcel insurance

While delivery time and pricing are important factors, they will be irrelevant if the parcel reaches its recipient in a poor state. You want to choose a courier that also provides insurance for shipments in case you wish to ensure their security and reliability. Having parcel insurance allows you to cover any losses or damage that were to occur during the shipping process. With shipment insurance costing less than the value of a precious shipment, it's a small price to pay to know you’ll have peace of mind should the unlikely event of physical damage or loss occur.

6. Local or international coverage

Paying attention to the courier’s coverage is also a key consideration. If you need to send one-off shipments overseas, looking for the fastest international courier service will bode well for you. Otherwise, providers offering only domestic shipments will suffice if you’re shipping parcels from one city to another.

7. Size and weight limitations

Varying size and weight limitations put in place by courier companies help to minimise risks of damages during the shipping process. At the same time, you want to be able to ship your parcel no matter how large or heavy it is. Paying attention to these limitations and how to safely pack your items can go a long way in ensuring a smooth delivery.

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Why choose DHL Express for one-off shipments

As a reliable and fast international courier service provider, DHL Express makes it easier for customers to send one-off shipments without having to open an account. There are three ways you can send a one-off shipment: drop it off at a  DHL Express ServicePoint, book a collection online with MyDHL+, or arrange for parcel delivery over the phone:

  • Drop off to your local DHL Express ServicePoint: After locating the nearest DHL ServicePoint, drop by to prepare your shipment. This includes selecting a free DHL envelope or box to store your items. Once you're ready to ship your package, simply make your payment by cash, debit or credit card at the cashier. 

  • Book a parcel collection online with MyDHL+: Once you make a booking for a one-off shipment via the MyDHL+ platform, you will be provided with parcel labels and where necessary, customs invoices, for printing. You will also be required to select the time you want our courier team to collect the parcel from your house. All you’ll need to do then is sit back and wait for our team to arrive.

  • Arrange parcel collection by phone: If you don’t have access to the internet or are unable to make your way down to our ServicePoints, you can simply call us on 13 14 06 between 7am and 8pm (AEST) from Monday to Friday and between 8am and 4pm on weekends and public holidays to arrange a parcel collection. You’ll be able to set a time for the collection and make your payments over the phone. 

When you engage a global express delivery provider like DHL Express, you can enjoy maximum security, transparency, reliability, and speed. From intuitive digital tools offered on MyDHL+ to package tracking services and award-winning customer service, you can rest assured that all your time, day-definite and same-day one-off shipments will be delivered in the safest and most reliable manner. 

That said, if you would like to cater to frequent personal overseas shipping, why not create a DHL Express account today?