Gourmet sweets delivery: 10 iconic Australian sweet treats to export

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What would Australia be without its iconic sweet treats? From koala-shaped chocolate bars to biscuits from World War I, these delicious products are loved around the world. With growing demand for Australian-made food and beverage products in overseas markets, there are plenty of opportunities for sweet-toothed exporters.

As a country with a strong economy and vast natural resources, Australia is well positioned to be a leading exporter of domestic goods and services. It also has some of the world’s finest confectionery manufacturers. According to TechSci Research, in 2021, the chocolate industry in Australia garnered a market size value of US$3451.05 million.

The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC) further found that in the same year, Australia exported US$245 million of this chocolate. This makes it the 24th largest exporter of chocolate in the world.

Gourmet candies, lollies and sweet treats are a popular choice for export businesses for a number of reasons. First, they have a wide appeal and are enjoyed by people of all ages. This makes them ideal for reaching a large audience. Second, they are relatively easy to produce and delivery is fuss-free, making them logistically simple to export. Finally, orders can be customised to fit the preferences of different cultures, making them an adaptable product for international markets.

The implementation of Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with several countries like Singapore and Malaysia has also helped to create a number of opportunities for chocolate exporters. One success story can be seen in Origin Chocolate, a homegrown bean-to-bar concept which has expanded to multiple markets abroad.

With all of these factors in mind, it is no wonder that lollies and sweet treats are such a popular choice for businesses looking to expand their operations into new markets. If you are considering exporting your confectionery products, here are the top selections to get your foot in the door.

1. Tim Tam

A chocolate biscuit that originates from Australia and is now exported to over 60 countries. It is made up of two layers of chocolate biscuit with a chocolate cream filling, and coated in a layer of chocolate.

2. Violet Crumble

A honeycomb toffee that is encased in milk chocolate. It was first created in Melbourne in 1913 and is now enjoyed by people all over the world.

3. Cherry Ripe

A chocolate bar that contains cherries and coconut covered in dark chocolate. It was first introduced in 1924 and is now one of the most popular chocolate bars in Australia.

4. Witchetty Grubs

Witchetty Grubs are a type of candy that originates from the Land of Oz. They are made from sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin, and are often brightly coloured. 

5. Caramello Koala

A chocolate bar that features a cartoon koala made out of a soft and sticky caramel centre and milk chocolate. It was first introduced in the 1970s and is now one of the most iconic Australian children’s chocolate bars.

6. Jaffas

A chocolate candy that consists of a soft centre coated in a hard orange-flavoured shell. They are orange in colour and are named after the city of Jaffa in Israel.

7. Freckles

A chocolate lolly that is covered in 100s and 1000s (sugar sprinkles). The small sprinkles are an array of colours and give the treat a rainbow freckled appearance.

8. Anzac Biscuits

A type of biscuit that is made with oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, and baking soda. They were first made during World War I as a way to send long-lasting food to soldiers who were fighting overseas.

9. Chocolate Coated Licorice

A type of lolly that consists of licorice covered in a layer of chocolate. It is a popular treat in Australia and New Zealand, and is also exported to other countries.

10.  Fantales

A type of candy created in 1930 that consists of a caramel centre covered in a shell of chocolate.

Get sweets delivered from Australia

In recent years, the export scene of Australian sweets has changed significantly. While in the past confectionery exports were largely dominated by a few large companies, today there are a number of small and medium-sized businesses from Australia exporting their products to different countries – ranging from cheaper and budget-friendly types to premium ones.

The growth in Australian confectionery exports has been good news for the industry, which employs a large number of people. In addition to providing jobs, the export of Australian candy also brings in valuable foreign currency which can be used to invest in other areas of the economy.

With the global market for sweet treats expected to continue to grow, the future looks bright for the Australian confectionery industry. If you are a business owner looking to ship chocolates and other lollies from Australia to markets like Singapore, look for a reliable logistics service provider such as DHL Express to partner with. With same or next-day delivery around the globe, your business will also be able to stay competitive in this increasingly connected and fast-paced world

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