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When shipping heavy items around the world, what would be the fastest and most reliable way? There's an alternative to freight forwarding services that might be a better fit for your business. Read on to find out what’s the best way to ship large or heavy items from Australia.

According to The Ocean (OECD) reports, with approximately 90% of world trade moved by ocean, there is immense pressure on freight forwarding services. In addition, global supply chains are buckling under the impact of COVID-19 related lockdowns, decimated fleet resources, trade restrictions, and overseas conflicts.

These frictions are being felt by businesses around the world. A DHL survey found that “capacity and pricing challenges with freight forwarders” is a leading concern for its customers – at a time when e-commerce volumes have never been greater.

Yet, amongst all this disruption, there is a more stable alternative to freight forwarding: Express Shipping. Already millions of businesses call on the expertise of DHL Express to send light items and small consignments. But what many don't realise is that the same fixed price, time-definite international service can be used for the shipment of heavier and larger items too.

The challenges of shipping large & bulky items

Shipping large or heavy items from Australia to various parts of the world can be a challenging task. There are several things to consider before sending them out. Because of their size and weight, a two-man crew or more might be necessary to move the items. Also, special equipment such as bigger trucks, lift gates, and dollies are required during the collection phase by the freight forwarding company’s staff.

In addition, freight forwarders provide logistics services by consolidating shipments from different shippers into one before arranging for transportation based on the best rates available at any given moment. What this means is that users of such service providers are subject to higher prices.

These are key considerations that you must make before deciding whether it makes sense to engage the services of a freight forwarder. But if you really want to save time and money, as well as avoid the hassle of doing it yourself, you should consider using an Express Shipping specialist.  

What are the benefits of shipping heavy/large items with DHL Express?

Stability: Since DHL Express relies solely on air and land rather than sea freight for shipping items, it’s more resilient against some of the market disruptions currently impacting freight forwarding services, making it a safer option for businesses wishing to get their orders from point A to B without any delays.

Speed: With DHL Express’ Time Definite shipping, you can be sure your large item shipments will get to where they need to be, on time and in one piece – whatever their size.

Cost: DHL Express offers a stable, transparent, all-in-one pricing structure which removes the uncertainty of additional costs further down the line – things like export documentation, airport handling, and delivery. These can potentially ramp up the price of traditional freight forwarding services considerably.

Customs: DHL Express has extensive worldwide customs knowledge and experience. We know that a smooth and efficient customs clearance process helps you receive your large item shipments as quickly as possible. This clearance service is included in your shipping price as standard.  

End-to-End visibility: You’ll be able to track your large item shipments and request notifications of their progress. Giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Customer Service: Our Certified International Specialists have all the experience and expertise to find solutions to your shipping challenges of large and heavy items, whatever they may be.

Of course, this does mean that upfront, there is a premium to pay for the service DHL Express provides. But when price stability is important, time is of the essence, and professional reputations are at stake, few would disagree that the benefits on offer make it a worthwhile investment when it comes to Express Shipping.

How to pack large & heavy items for shipping

Here are some guidelines to follow when packing large bulky items for shipping.

  • Box it – Goods that weigh less than 30kg can be boxed. Caution should be taken regarding structurally weak, long, and/or narrow packaging over 120cm in length. Reinforce the packaging or opt for a crate.

  • Crate it – When shipping heavy, large items such as engines or industrial equipment, crates should be used to contain them. Fully enclose your cargo with quality hardwood and brace your crates in a diagonal manner to strengthen them further. Ensure the wood is heated and/or chemically treated prior to use.

  • Palletise it – For bulk shipping or heavily-boxed pieces, place the items on a pallet and secure them using the methods outlined in this guide provided below. Ensure a level and even surface on top of the pallet, and do not allow boxes to overhang the pallet's edge. 

It is important to note that heavy, bulky, or palletised items need to be packed in a manner suitable for Express Shipping. This packing guide has all the Dos and Don'ts of palletised shipping, so your goods get to where they need

Weight and size limits when shipping heavy items

For items that exceed these limits, special bookings may be required.

For further details on the exact size and weight limits, pricing structures, and a guide to protecting your goods, download our packing guide as listed in the earlier section.

Let's get things moving...

Are you frustrated by high fees and slow delivery times when shipping a large or heavy item via a freight forwarder? Shipping with DHL Express has never been easier. If you are a business owner looking to ship heavy and large items from Australia to international markets such as Taiwan, look for a reliable logistics service provider such as DHL Express. We offer same or next-day delivery around the globe and we provide free tracking so you can follow your shipment/s every step of the way. In addition, our rates are competitive compared to traditional freight forwarders. 

Create a DHL Express account and start shipping large and heavy items to your customers around the world today or if you already have an existing DHL Express account, click here for more information on how we can support you when you need to ship heavy and large items out of Australia.