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Information to help you when sending a shipment and paying by credit card

The freight charge is based on the billable weight and this is calculated using the greater of the actual weight and the volumetric weight.  For that reason we need to know the individual weight and measurements of each package to calculate the freight charge.

Initially the price advised is an estimate only, and we will confirm the final price after your package or packages have been collected and reweighed and measured in our facility.   We will send your shipment and contact you to make payment arrangements if there is any difference.

Some types of goods are restricted for air transport, or may have special requirements.  For further information click HERE

The value must be recorded for Customs purposes, and may be used to calculate duties and taxes in the destination country.   We also offer Shipment Insurance and the cost of the insurance is based on the value of the goods.

The price paid to DHL Express in Australia is exclusive of any possible government charges in the destination country.  For example, duties and taxes may be payable and the receiver will be responsible for paying these charges.

Unfortunately we are not able to advise what charges may be applicable, and are not able to take payment for these charges in Australia.

All shipments require a DHL Express Air Waybill, which is an address label.  Your tracking number will appear on this form.  International shipments will require a Customs Declaration, except if the shipment contains documents only.  Additional paperwork may be required depending on where you are sending your package, and what the contents are.   We can advise if additional paperwork is needed for your package.

If you book your collection via our website, you will be able to produce and print the necessary paperwork.  If you book your collection over the phone, we will email you a link that will allow you to produce your paperwork.  Please note it is usually not possible to print via a mobile phone or tablet.  If dropping to one of our Service Centres you will be able to produce your paperwork on our premises.

Yes.  Some common items are classed as dangerous goods.  To ensure that we do not carry any prohibited or dangerous goods, we may ask you to leave your package or packages open for inspection.   We also ask that the person who gives the package or packages to us shows current photo ID such as Australian driver’s licence or a valid passport.

We understand that your shipment is urgent and will deliver it as soon as possible.  The transit time advised is an estimate only as delivery times can sometimes be impacted by such factors as airline or Customs processing.

Yes, you will be given a unique 10 digit tracking number and you can track your shipment by clicking HERE

After you send your package you can also sign up for transit and delivery information by text or email by clicking HERE