B2B Fashion and Retail

Katy Starling
Head of Communications, DHL Express
3 mins
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The perfect fit for your business

DHL Express is the perfect fit for many of the market-leading retail brands across multiple categories including fashion, apparel, luxury and cosmetics.

We know that speed, excellence and reliability is key to maintaining your competitive edge and upholding the high standards your customers expect from you. Our fast and reliable service spans a network of more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, allowing us to support your fast-moving business.

Demonstrate your commitment to environmental goals

We understand that sustainability is becoming more important for you and your customers, as more consumers look beyond the label to consider the impact of their retail purchases on the environment.

Our GoGreen services are the ideal choice to support your sustainability strategy, providing benefits to your retail business including:

  • Reliably calculating your CO2e emissions.
  • Offsetting the CO2e emissions from your shipments travelling by air or road.
  • Neutralising your CO2e emissions through approved environmental protection programmes.
  • The credibility that the entire process is verified by an independent body accredited by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).

As your trusted retail partner, we’re aligned with your goals. If you use our GoGreen Climate Neutral Service, you can communicate this to your customers to demonstrate your environmental commitment.

Ensure you’re retail ready

Whether you’re sourcing the latest samples, bringing in new products or re-stocking your UK distribution centres, you can choose from a range of import services to ensure you’re retail ready. Our import services allow you to source your samples and retail stock direct to your stores or distribution centres within the United Kingdom – helping you plan your deliveries and maintain your promises for scheduled customer appointments.

In the fast-paced world of Fashion & Retail, we know trends are constantly changing. Our export services help you deliver your latest products to over 220 markets around the world, enabling you to reach your international buyers with the speed and reliability they expect from your brand.

Send or receive items in bulk

Are you regularly shipping your retail goods in large volumes? DHL Express Break Bulk is ideal when you need to send many retail shipments to different customers located in the same country or customs union.

Click through the icons below to see some other benefits:

Improve customs clearance processing time by switching from many individual customs entries to a single entry.

Reduce costs of multiple import and export customs clearance fees, as well as duty and tax management fees.

Keep inbound invoices confidential by selecting the Neutral Delivery option.

Tailor your retail experience

With the choice and flexibility to receive their retail goods at their convenience, our On Demand Delivery is the ideal choice for providing a tailored experience to your customers. Featuring six re-delivery options, your customers can schedule their delivery for the time or location that suits their needs.


By partnering with DHL Express you can expand to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, enabling you to grow your business and maximise your sales beyond the UK.

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