On Demand Delivery

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What is On Demand Delivery?

On Demand Delivery (ODD) is DHL Express’ innovative final mile solution designed to increase first time delivery success and enhance the receiver experience. ODD notifies receivers via text and email, providing status updates along the shipment’s journey and offers up to six delivery options, allowing the receiver to choose when, where and how their shipments are delivered.

Receivers also have the option to register with ODD where they can set their preferred delivery option as well as manage the way in which they are notified.

68% of millennials would choose a retailer based solely on its delivery options.

Receivers value choice when it comes to their delivery – providing timely notification updates and allowing all available delivery options encourages trust in your brand and drives customer loyalty. Get this right and it could be incredibly lucrative to your business. 

If you’re a DHL shipper and already using ODD here are a couple of things to make sure you’re optimising this service to benefit your business:

  • Do you have all ODD delivery options activated?
  • Are delivery notifications referenced on your website?
  • Do you collect the receivers email and mobile phone number at check-out? 

For more information about our On Demand Delivery services, speak to your account manager or contact one of our advisors:

Call: 01332 828402  
Email: gettingstarted@dhl.com