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Getting Started with MyDHL+

MyDHL+ is all about fewer steps and greater funtionality; integrating all of your most important online shipping services into one incredibly powerful tool with one password. It's a single hub with a single login that allows you to import, export, track shipments and schedule pickups anywhere, anytime.


Helpful Guides for Using MyDHL+

Our Quick Reference Guide will help you to get started. You can also find 'How to' videos and detailed support guides on this page. 


Read our step by step guide here.

Read our courier report guide here.

Read our guide for my shipment settings here.

Read our shipment upload guide here.

Read our digital customs invoices guide here.

Read our guide for printer settings here.

Read our guide for authorised account usage here.

Read our contact upload guide here.

Read our eReturn shipment guide here.

Read our assign shipment guide here.

Read our add new people guide here.

Read our corporate guide here.

Read our sending globalmail guide here.

Please note: MyDHL+ should only be used to prepare DHL Globalmail shipments if you are sending mail items containing documents only.

If the mail items you are sending contain goods/non-documents, you will need to use a Deutsche Post shipping solution to create your item labels and create their Globalmail Waybills. This is because Electronic Advance Data (EAD) must be captured and submitted for all mail items containing goods for security and customs purposes. Shipments containing goods without the required EAD cannot be forwarded to the destination country and will be returned to the sender. For further information about the Deutsche Post shipping solutions available, please contact your DHL Express Account Manager.

Read our importer of record guide here.

Read our managing customs data guide here.

Read our How to move receiver addresses from Easyship to MyDHL+ here.

Watch our video on How to create an upload file for customs line item data here.