DHL Import services

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Importing made easy

DHL Time Definite Import Services allow you to import from around the world by a specific time or the end of the next possible business day.

Enjoy unparalleled Customs expertise, real-time tracking visibility, the latest pick-up times and the earliest deliveries with user-friendly import services from DHL Express.

DHL Import Express 10:30

Time-sensitive: guaranteed delivery next possible business day by 10:30 am*

DHL Import Express 12:00

Time-sensitive: guaranteed delivery next possible business day by 12:00 noon *

DHL Import Express Worldwide

Guaranteed delivery by end of next possible day

You can also use your Import Express account for third-country movements (document and non-document shipments moving between two countries outside of the UK, but billed in the UK).

Third-country movements save you time and money by eliminating the need for storage and additional steps in your supply chain, ultimately reducing time in transit. Plus, there's no need to share your account number with either the shipper or the consignee, as you can arrange shipping securely online.

Certain restrictions apply. All DHL Express import services are subject to Terms and Conditions 
Money Back Guarantee