Optional Services

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DHL Express offers a wide range of Optional Services – from non-standard deliveries and billing options, to carbon reduced shipping – giving you flexible service options to fit your shipping needs!

These services can be selected when creating a shipment.

Duty Billing Services

Duties and taxes are charged by Customs in the destination country and the receiver is responsible for paying them. DHL offers a range of duty billing services that allows you as the shipper to decide who, when or where the duties and taxes are paid.


Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility – the decisions we make today can make a positive impact on tomorrow. By shipping with DHL’s green solutions, you can reduce your carbon emissions without compromising your supply chain. We also offer carbon reporting so you can understand the environmental impact of your logistics.

Delivery Options

As part of our core services, we can offer you secure door-to-door delivery of goods and documents at the start, middle or end of a business day. We also offer other delivery options for you to utilise where necessary, such as Saturday Delivery or Adult Signature.

Shipment Protection

For peace of mind when shipping valuable or personal documents and shipments, we can offer shipment protection through Shipment Insurance or Extended Liability.

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You can find a full list and more detailed information about all of our optional services here.