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GoGreen Plus is the latest addition to our sustainability solutions, creating greater avenues for shippers to do their part for the environment. We not only commit to achieving Hong Kong’s net zero emissions goal but also dedicate ourselves to supporting the worldwide cause for a sustainable future.

With GoGreen Plus, you can reduce carbon emissions associated with your shipments by using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) instead of traditional fuel for aircrafts. 

To make it fully flexible for customers, GoGreen Plus can be added to shipments via MyDHL+ simply by ticking the box marked GoGreen Plus under Optional Services when making your booking.

How carbon insetting and sustainable aviation fuel is the key to green shipping

Through carbon insetting, GoGreen Plus allows businesses to bring down its Scope 3 emissions, which are indirect greenhouse gas emissions that arise in a company’s value chain, including transportation and distribution downstream

Unlike offsetting initiatives, insetting is acknowledged as a carbon reduction measure by the Science Based Target initiative since it is intended to reduce emissions directly associated with a business' operations down the supply chain.

Carbon Insetting Carbon Offsetting
The organisation financially commits to sustainable practices to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions directly related to its activities (e.g. use of sustainable aviation fuel) The organisation brings down emission counts by investing in carbon-reduction projects outside of a business (e.g. tree planting)

Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) are key to green shipping because they can reduce ordinary aviation fuels’ lifecycle emissions by up to 80%. This is because they are produced from alternative feedstock with a better sustainable energy profile, such as used cooking oil, corn, waste, hydrogen or CO2 synthesis. On the other hand, carbon-intensive traditional jet fuels – or kerosene – is obtained from petroleum.

Sustainable aviation fuels have a chemical structure similar to fossil-fuel-based jet fuels, meaning they can be used as a ‘drop-in’ fuel that blends with kerosene in the aircraft without the need for any engine modifications. Blending rates are currently capped at 50% due to legal obligations. While reducing carbon footprint during shipping, sustainable aviation fuels also decrease other harmful emissions, such as particulates and sulphur, by 90% and 100%, respectively.

Why you should opt for GoGreen Plus

The answer: to keep up with customer demand for sustainable development.

According to the Sustainability and the Consumer report by IRI® and The NPD Group and the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business (CSB), which studied consumer perceptions on sustainability markers across various age groups, it’s evident that today’s shoppers are taking a stand.

93% 77% 44%
Purchased more or maintained green purchase habits over the past year Found sustainability as an integral factor when shopping online Purchase green products to help save the environment
Growth of sustainably marketed products 2.7 times faster online

Source: Sustainability and the Consumer report by IRI® and The NPD Group and the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) 

Gen Zs and millennials are more likely to explore sustainable products than older generations too, with 32% choosing retailers that carry such products. 

One of these can be associated with a retailer’s mode of shipping.

Express shipping has become a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions today and is responsible for roughly 3% of global emissions on an annual basis, reports the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Bank. This makes sustainable transport during shipping more important than before.

Apart from adopting sustainable product packaging, we understand that businesses need more solutions for eco-friendly shipping. That is all that is involved in taking your products from your warehouse or holding facility in  Hong Kong to your customer’s doorstep worldwide in a sustainable manner. This includes the type of packaging and, most importantly, your choice of transport during shipping. 

DHL Express makes this possible with our all-new GoGreen Plus service, with which businesses can shave off 30% of their shipments’ greenhouse gas emissions.

Switch to environment-friendly shipping by ticking the box marked GoGreen Plus via MyDHL+, or contact us if you want to learn more about our new service.

For existing account holders, you can reach out to your account manager to make your shipments more sustainable through GoGreen Plus.