Optional services, Surcharges and Customs services

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DHL Optional Services, Surcharges and Customs Services

As the experts in international shipping with over 100,000 Certified International Specialists at DHL Express offers a wide range of optional shipping services, surcharges and Customs services that offer even more flexibility to address specific customer needs. DHL Optional Services, Surcharges & Customs Services are in addition to applicable transportation charges.


In order to maintain a consistently high level of service, in specific circumstances DHL Express levies a surcharge for exceptional activities, ensuring that these surcharges are fair for all of our customers.


DHL Express is the international specialist in shipping, with extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with customs topics worldwide. For your peace of mind, we provide a wide range of customs support for standard as well as non-routine customs-clearance processes. By making sure that clearance is a smooth and efficient process, we ensure your shipments arrive as quickly as possible, and leave you free to focus on your core business. With our online tool (tas.dhl.com) we provide essential customs information to help you prepare your shipments.