Tips on improving customer experience with a great delivery strategy

4 Mins Read
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Companies cannot underestimate the value of great customer experience. Especially in this day and age, when consumers prioritise more than just the product or services you offer, notable brands have realised the importance of efficient shipping to keep shoppers coming back.

So if you're an e-commerce business looking to enhance customer satisfaction, read on to find out some useful tips on creating a good delivery strategy from start to finish.

1. Offer a dependable shipping service and delivery network

Undeniably, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the holiday peak season have caused further issues with delivery timeframes, and the possibility of supply chain disruptions has become increasingly commonplace these days. However, delivery delays can be extremely frustrating, even when expecting them. 

Therefore, it will be wise for businesses to find a reputable logistics partner with an expansive delivery network. This collaboration can help facilitate faster transit and delivery of goods to allow your customers to receive their products on time. 

2. Make shipping straightforward for customers

Simplifying the shipping experience is another great way of improving customer satisfaction. For instance, creating a concise and accessible delivery page on your website and adding free shipping options can help to increase order cart values while making the whole process smoother for shoppers.

Other helpful details to provide customers with a better experience include stating estimated delivery times, considering the completion period, and any potential delays. Giving your customers access to such delivery information enables them to make better purchasing decisions and ensure their complete certainty on the time and cost associated with delivery.

3. Provide tailored solutions

Offering your customers tailored delivery solutions catered to the satisfaction of their needs can improve the relationship you may have with consumers and shoppers. This personalisation demonstrates how the business can meet their individual needs effectively, allowing the seamless shopping experience to value-add the product or service they are looking for when shopping. 

4. Prioritise customers in your business

Customers should constantly be the priority of your e-commerce company regardless of the type of product or service you supply. Make this known to consumers by putting your efforts into creating a good network with efficient processes and trustworthy personnel that serve to upgrade your customers' delivery experience. 

To further maximise your e-commerce success, make it a point to build rapport with shoppers. Adopt fresh digitalisation initiatives and constantly upgrade your infrastructure to provide a better experience for customers. By doing so, you are helping create an enduring demand for your offerings and services while increasing your profit margin compared to other businesses that spend less effort on learning how to improve consumer satisfaction.

5. Ensure clear communication with your customers

Finally, offering your shoppers in Indonesia and beyond a more astute comprehension of your e-commerce procedures and delivery capacities helps reduce the possibilities of conflicts or delays. Such information may include details like the territories you transport to (or don't), international shipping charges and taxes, all-inclusive data on delivery systems and schedule transformations, etc. 

Communicating prompt and precise news on time fosters a sense of trustworthiness and reliance between your brand and customer. With this level of transparency, customers can make better decisions and help you minimise the risk of returns or misunderstandings.

Bring out the best in your business with DHL Express Indonesia

Developing excellent customer service is essential, but it's also necessary to work with a dependable logistics provider when creating an efficient delivery system for your e-commerce business. DHL Express Indonesia possess many attributes that can help your business craft effective delivery strategies to provide customers with a quality shipping experience and ensure their continued interest. Listed below are a few examples.

Efficient and customisable delivery services

With our wide array of customisable services, such as same-day delivery services or international shipping of substances like liquids, DHL Express can ensure that even the most time-sensitive or important items will reach the intended recipient with minimal delay and maximum security. 

Integration of technological advancements

We continually integrate technology to provide impeccable delivery services. Thanks to intuitive platforms such as DHL Express MyDHL+, customers can oversee their e-commerce consignments and expenditures, monitoring them through a dashboard only for them. Including our constant upgrades with the help of technological developments like blockchain technology to secure trades, we can make the shipping procedure easier for your clients and you.

Dedicated team of professionals

Providing timely deliveries to ensure customer satisfaction is paramount for all e-commerce businesses in Indonesia and elsewhere. At DHL Express Indonesia, we also understand that each customer has different needs and shipping requirements. That's why our team of well-trained professionals offer tailored and scalable logistics solutions that cover key areas such as customs clearance, IT services, and other commonly experienced scenarios.

Open a business account with DHL Express to experience top-notch delivery services that will improve your customer experience and learn more about our capabilities today.