President's Message

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We will continue to take on challenges under our purpose: Connecting People, Improving Lives.

DHL Express was established in Japan in 1972, three short years after DHL first started delivering urgent documents by air out of the United States. Our business has since evolved over the years, and we now provide express delivery services for documents, small packages, parcels and even medical supplies. Our drive to continuously innovate and improve our services has made this company what it is today.

In fact, we remain committed to supporting our customers with their delivery needs and ensuring operational continuity in our supply chains even in the hardest of times, such as the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic.

To respond to evolving trends anticipated to impact logistics, we are guided by DHL Group’s “Strategy 2025 – Delivering Excellence in a Digital World”. We will continue to focus on our core logistics business, while stepping up on digitalization efforts to lift our employees’ efficiency and productivity and deliver customer service excellence.

We also continue to be driven by our Group’s purpose of “Connecting People, Improving Lives”, where we focus on excelling in our business operations as well as supporting the communities that we belong to. This includes making our business more sustainable and as the world’s largest and most international logistics company, we aim to lead the industry towards a sustainable future. We as DHL are turning “our yellow Group into a green company” as we seek to “make an important contribution to our planet and society”.

DHL Japan, Inc. President

Tony Khan