Transportation of time and temperature-sensitive shipments

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DHL picks up Medical Express goods, such as investigational medicine and clinical supplies. We carefully deliver them to your laboratory, clinic or hospital for research and analysis.

DHL Medical Express is a safe, reliable, and speedy international express service for the life science industry, specializing in medical materials that require delicate handling during transportation, while complying with strict regulations.


This is an ideal solution for businesses that need a tailored program to support clinical trials based on the combination of the trial duration, geography and volume of goods to be shipped. DHL Medical Express provides everything your company needs to transport sensitive goods safely.

24-hour monitoring of transport status

Shipments are reviewed by in-house customs clearance experts and centrally monitored throughout the export and import process.

Packaging materials that reduce temperature fluctuations

DHL offers ambient, chilled and frozen temperature options with a range of Thermo Packaging and provisions of dry ice as needed.

Top Priority Handling

The globally standardized DHL Express network of aircraft and vehicles ensures the earliest deliveries.

Dedicated Support

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place for all service processes.

  • Specimens classified as biological material category B (applicable to UN3373) or Exempt Human / Animal Specimen (blood, secretions, tissues, tissue fluids, excretions, etc. collected mainly directly from humans)
  • Investigational medicines tested during clinical trials
  • Test kits
  • Supplies used by Investigators to conduct clinical trials


  • 『Thermo box』 for temperature-controlled packaging exclusively for DHL Medical Express
  • 3 temperature zones (ambient, chilled, and frozen) that need to be controlled are realized by Medical Material Transport.
  • Label printing according to IATA regulations.
  • Data loggers to monitor transport temperature conditions in packaging.

※Please note that the shipper must pre-cool or otherwise condition the product prior to shipping.