The ultimate guide to packing and shipping cashew nuts to the international market

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Understanding the cashew nut market in Cambodia

Cashew nuts are a versatile and nutrient-packed ingredient popular as a snack and in culinary dishes. Their health benefits have gained widespread recognition, resulting in a significant surge in demand. According to  The Straits Research, the market size is projected to reach an estimated value of USD 10.5 billion by 2031. The cashew industry is lucrative, with many countries vying to become the biggest exporter of cashew nuts. To remain competitive as a cashew nut exporter from Cambodia in the global market, it's essential to have a deep understanding of international demands and market trends. Equally important is ensuring that the nuts meet the highest quality standards. You can maintain a strong position and thrive in this ever-evolving industry by staying informed and providing only the best cashew nuts to your international consumers. 

Preparing and packing cashew nuts for export

Before cashew nuts can be exported out of the country, they must undergo a series of processing steps. The Ministry of Commerce and the Cambodian Cashew Association have a set of stringent guidelines to ensure the quality of cashew nuts for export. 

Preparing cashew nuts for sale

  • Harvesting: Cashew nuts are harvested at the right maturity to ensure the best quality. Proper harvesting techniques are essential to avoid any damage to the nuts.
  • Drying: The nuts are sun-dried or mechanically dried to reduce moisture content. The drying process must be carefully monitored to maintain the cashew nuts' flavour and texture.
  • Shelling: The outer shell is removed, leaving behind the cashew kernel. Specialised equipment is often used to minimise damage to the kernels during this process.
  • Peeling: The cashew kernels are then peeled to remove the thin skin. This step requires precision and expertise to avoid damaging the cashew kernels.
  • Grading: The cashew kernels are graded according to size, colour, and quality. Grading ensures that only the best-quality kernels are selected for export.

Tips to pack cashew nuts

Once the cashew nuts have been prepared, it's time to pack them for shipping. The packaging process is critical to maintaining the quality and freshness of the cashew nuts during transit. Here are some essential tips for packing cashew nuts effectively:

  • Use airtight containers: Airtight containers, such as vacuum-sealed bags or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids, are ideal for preserving the freshness of dried goods like cashew nuts. These containers also protect the nuts from contamination.
  • Seal the containers: Ensure that the containers are properly sealed to prevent contamination and protect the cashew kernels from humidity and moisture. This is crucial for maintaining the cashew nuts' flavour and quality.
  • Use food-grade packaging materials: Choose packaging materials that are approved for food contact to ensure that the cashew nuts remain safe for consumption. This includes using materials that are free of harmful chemicals or toxins.
  • Add desiccants: To absorb any residual moisture within the packaging, include food-grade desiccants like silica gel packets. This helps prevent mould growth and maintain the cashew nuts' freshness.

Shipping cashew nuts internationally

After properly packing your cashew nuts, the next step is to ship them to your international customers. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when shipping cashew nuts:

1. Ensure the products are acceptable

Exporting cashew nuts from Cambodia allows people worldwide to enjoy this nutritious and delicious snack. However, consignees must obtain an import licence and adhere to destination countries' government regulations. Proper packaging, including sealed bags or containers, is necessary to ensure product safety during transit. Additionally, correct packing procedures are paramount to prevent damage or contamination. It's also worth mentioning that every country has specific regulatory requirements to follow when exporting cashew nuts or any agricultural product from Cambodia. Therefore, businesses must familiarise themselves with these customs before shipping their products internationally.

2. Understanding shipping destination requirements

Exporting cashew nuts from Cambodia to international markets involves understanding and complying with the specific requirements of the destination countries. For instance, the United States may require that imported cashew nuts meet certain quality and safety standards and obtain appropriate permits from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On the other hand, the European Commission Regulation establishes upper limits for specific contaminants in food items. This regulation is updated regularly, and besides the restrictions set for general foodstuffs, numerous particular limits apply to contaminants in certain products, including cashew nuts. Some of involve the presence of mycotoxins, pesticide residues, microorganisms, and heavy metals. 

3. Export requirements

Exporting cashew nuts from Cambodia necessitates careful preparation and adherence to shipping regulations. Businesses exporting out of Cambodia must provide several documents before their goods depart:

  • Customs Export Declaration
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Road Transport Document (if departing by land)
  • Bill of Lading (if departing by sea)
  • Terminal Handling Receipts (if departing by sea)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Export Permit
  • Certificate of Origin

Among these requirements, obtaining a phytosanitary certificate from Cambodia's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is also important. 

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