Insights on shipping precious metals and jewellery from Cambodia

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Jewelry designer looking at her work with magnifying glass

From shimmering gemstones to intricately designed gold jewellery, Cambodia's precious metals and jewellery sector is a vibrant tapestry of tradition and innovation. According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), Cambodia has exported precious and industrial metals amounting to US$208 million and jewellery valued at US$1.22 million in 2021. Due to the rise in demand for precious elements like gold and silver, as well as Cambodian gemstones, the sector is expected to grow significantly from 2020 to 2026, with a CAGR of 4.64% for precious metals and 4.60% for jewellery, Statista revealed.

Cambodia also attracts international brands and foreign investors to build local jewellery factories. The Council for Development of Cambodia (CDC) recently approved a US$9 million investment for a jewellery plant because of the rise in the domestic output of gold, one of the most expensive metals in the world. These developments show that the industry is continuously growing and shows great promise in the future.

As the precious metal and jewellery sector in Cambodia thrives, the need for secure and reliable shipping solutions for expensive jewellery becomes imperative. Businesses must partner with a reliable logistics company with an extensive global reach to ensure their high-value freight is delivered.

The security imperative

Shipping precious metals and jewellery involves more than just moving items from one place to another; it's about safeguarding high-value goods. To address these unique demands, stringent industry standards have been established to ensure the utmost security and protection during transport. These standards are precise and include:

  • Tamper-evident packaging: Knowing how to pack jewellery for shipping is essential to ensure your high-value goods are intact during and after transport. Applying specialised packaging materials and techniques to offer distinct indications of any interference with a shipment. These protective materials prevent unauthorised alterations and ensure the contents remain secure and in pristine condition.
  • Security seals: Employing high-security seals on containers guarantees that the contents have not been tampered with or altered throughout the shipping process. These seals provide an additional layer of security and reassurance.
  • 24/7 tracking system: Integrating cutting-edge tracking systems within facilities and during transit ensures continuous monitoring of high-value shipments like expensive jewellery. This advanced tracking system guarantees the swift detection and immediate resolution of any potential threats or irregularities, enhancing the overall security of the logistics process.

These industry standards collectively form a comprehensive framework that addresses the financial value of the shipped items and respects their profound sentimental significance. They ensure that precious and most valuable metals and jewellery reach their destination securely and intact.

Regulatory compliance and restrictions

Navigating how to send precious metals and jewellery internationally requires a thorough understanding of the intricate web of regulations, restrictions, and compliance requirements. Adhering to these regulations is not only essential for legal compliance but also crucial for ensuring the smooth transit of goods and mitigating associated risks. Here's a breakdown of some of these regulatory aspects:

  • Customs declarations and clearances: Accurate and detailed customs declarations and clearances are a fundamental requirement when shipping precious metals and jewellery internationally. This includes providing comprehensive information about the contents, their value, and origin.
  • Import and export licensing: Certain countries may require specific import and export licences for precious metals and jewellery, particularly gold bullion. Adherence to these licensing requirements is vital to avoid delays and potential legal issues.
  • Valuation and taxes: Precise valuation of the shipped items is essential for determining applicable taxes and duties. Failure to accurately assess the value can lead to underpayment or overpayment of taxes, which have financial implications.
  • Documentation accuracy: Accuracy in all shipping-related documentation, including invoices, certificates of authenticity, and customs forms, is imperative. Any discrepancies can lead to delays, customs seizures, or legal repercussions.

DHL Express' secure international shipping solutions

The demand for Cambodian precious metals and gemstones exports is rising, reflecting the world's appreciation for the exquisite craftsmanship and quality of these products. As this demand continues to surge, securing international shipping becomes increasingly paramount. 

To meet these requirements and ensure the safe transit of these high-value freight, like precious metals and jewellery, businesses can turn to DHL Express Cambodia international shipping know-how. Our secure global shipping solutions cater to the unique demands of precious metals and jewellery shipments, offering a steadfast commitment to security that runs through every facet of our service.

1. Secure transit

Our secure transit solutions are designed to provide an extra layer of protection for your valuable cargo. We offer tamper-evident packaging and sealed containers to safeguard your precious metals and jewellery throughout their journey. Your shipments are safe from pickup to delivery, making DHL Express the best choice for international shipping.

2. Insurance coverage

In the unpredictable world of international shipping, accidents can happen. That's why DHL Express offers comprehensive insurance coverage for your high-value freight. Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected against unforeseen events.

3. Real-time tracking

Transparency is critical to peace of mind. With our real-time tracking system, you and your customers can monitor the progress of your shipments at every stage. You'll always know where your valuable cargo is and when it will arrive.

4. Specialised handling

Not all shipments are equal, and precious metals and jewellery require special attention. Our experienced handlers are trained to treat your items with the care they deserve. From custom packaging to delicate handling, we ensure your goods arrive in pristine condition.

Your precious cargo deserves nothing less. Open a business account today.