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Adopting a Customer-Centric Approach To Deliver Great Customer Service
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The pandemic has no doubt been a catalyst for many businesses, especially the fast-growing e-commerce industry over the past few years. Due to this growth, operating a business these days means there is more competition out there than there has ever been before. 

If you want to see success as an e-commerce business, it’s absolutely essential that in addition to attracting new customers through marketing strategies, you attract repeat customers through excellent service that encourages brand loyalty and trust. 

In order to do so, a customer-centric e-commerce approach is needed. Why? Because customers are holding their shopping experience from start to finish in higher regard than they ever have before.

What is a customer-centric approach?

A customer-centric business strategy is the process of putting oneself into the customer’s shoes and understanding where, if at all, issues exist along the buying journey, from clicking on your website to the product being delivered and even beyond that (if there’s an issue with the item, for example).

The importance of customer centricity isn’t exactly a new concept in general, but it could be seen as such in the digital world as opposed to the physical one. 

The more buying choices customers have, the more essential it is for brands to offer a seamless experience end-to-end. They can switch over to another brand at a moment’s notice because of one issue they had along the way, be it poor customer service, broken website or worse still, a missed delivery time.

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DHL’s Customer-Centred Approach

1. Offering A Dependable Delivery Network

Delivery delays are frustrating to deal with, whether they’re foreseen or not and how companies manage them is a crucial aspect of great customer service. Additionally, further delays due to COVID-19 can impact the time, date and quality of your deliveries, with supply chain issues becoming increasingly common nowadays.  

Being well aware that the reliability of delivery will have a direct effect on customer satisfaction and the profitability of businesses, DHL Express prioritises a customer-centric approach by utilising a plethora of flight connections to make sure every package arrives at its destination on time. With a global network tapping on numerous flights worldwide daily, there will be a guaranteed place on board an aircraft for customer’s goods, minimising lull waiting periods in our warehouses. Offering options for same day delivery and delivery by the next working day for urgent or time-sensitive shipments, DHL Express’ reliable logistics network ensures that products will reach our customers promptly without fail even in unforeseen circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside our express delivery service, DHL’s on-demand delivery provides a total of six alternative on-demand shipping options to ensure their parcel is in safe hands to be picked up at another convenient time in the event of any unexpected happenings.

2. Simplifying The Shipping Process

DHL Express adopts a customer-centric approach by simplifying the shipping experience for users by offering clear and succinct information about the delivery of your products. Understanding that managing a business can often have you running off your feet trying to get everything done, DHL Express created a way for e-commerce business operators to streamline the way to create and manage shipments via the innovative MyDHL+.

With this platform, consumers are even able to manage their e-commerce shipments, payments and tracking all through our one-stop dashboard created just for them. In doing so, this helps to simplify the shipping experience not just for your customers, but for you too. This fantastic digital time-saving tool also provides businesses with essential shipping information as well as offering a customer service live chat for any questions that need answering. Having this knowledge on hand equips customers or businesses alike to plan their purchases and provides them with complete clarity about the time and costs involved in the shipping process. 

3. Consult With eCommerce Experts

Our newest department, DHL eCommerce Solutions is oriented towards providing top-notch solutions and customer service to the constantly expanding e-commerce market. Tapping on our own and partner networks, our team serves both Business To Business (B2B) and Business To Consumer (B2C) customers. Focusing on a customer-centred approach, our cross-border service offers worldwide shipping solutions as well as e-commerce logistics in selected markets that deliver speed, transparency and quality to assist customers in capitalising on cross-border trade growth trends. Businesses can also consult a global team of e-commerce experts dedicated to providing innovative solutions that create a great online shopping experience for consumers.

Put Smiles On Your Customers’ Faces With DHL

The innate drive for exceptional customer service at DHL Express means you know they’ll go above and beyond to make sure every one of your customers receives their packages within the time promised and in one piece. 

Surprise and delight your customers and turn them into a repeat buyer by engaging with DHL Express for your business. Create an account today!