Maximising email marketing for your business

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When it comes to running a successful business, there is no denying that acing marketing can take it to new heights. While word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations can indeed do wonders for the growth of an enterprise, the level of awareness brought forth through an effective marketing strategy must be considered when scaling is the ultimate goal. In general, marketing revolves around increasing awareness of a brand and its range of products and services. An effective marketing strategy, on the other hand, has the ability to influence a consumer, help them make a buying decision, and even convert them into profitable leads. Although marketing covers a wide range of activities that persuade consumers in ways that aid business growth, it is crucial to note that the digital era has greatly impacted the customer decision journey. As such, given the convenience of the digital space, it is important to meet customers wherever they go. And with the power of digital marketing channels becoming more apparent, leveraging email to promote your brand is a step in the right direction.

Understanding email marketing

As its name suggests, email marketing is a form of digital marketing with email acting as its main conduit of action. A direct form of marketing, a robust email marketing strategy can help customers gain awareness of new releases, remain engaged, generate brand awareness, build new relationships, and even reward ongoing customer loyalty. But more than anything, it is customisability and proven capability to increase sales at an affordable cost that makes the implementation of a good email marketing strategy a must in every marketing plan. Whether leveraged to onboard new customers or to announce a limited-time sale, email marketing campaigns can be altered to take on various shapes and forms to cater to the varying personas of customers and initiatives.

The importance of email marketing

The question of whether email marketing is still important is one that is constantly brought up amongst marketers. While the types of digital marketing strategies that have cropped up over the years have definitely evolved, the importance of email marketing cannot be overlooked. For one, email marketing massively increases a brand’s reach and direct communication. With the mass adoption of email, this is an ideal channel for your marketing. 

Similar to other marketing channels, email marketing is just as flexible, scalable, measurable, and versatile. However, one of the key advantages of email marketing lies in the fact that all the data remains as your own. Unlike social media channels or search engines in which algorithms are constantly being updated to improve user experience, your email list remains as a direct line of communication with leads and prospects. Big algorithm change or not, you’re less likely to get lost under all the rubble and noise. 

The relevancy of email marketing in 2022

Many businesses today are tapping into different marketing channels like Instagram and Facebook to build brand reputation and diversify their revenue options. However, email marketing is still relevant in 2022 and is more critical than ever before in terms of generating leads and guiding prospects up the marketing funnel.

With record amounts of new technologies cropping up in the past decade, email marketing is more powerful than it used to be. According to Smart Insights, an estimated 30% of people in all industries open their emails and browse through them daily. With the number of global email users expected to increase to 4.3 billion by 2023, if a business can create a human connection through their email content, they are more than likely to reap benefits. Supporting this is the fact that email marketing beats social media marketing for customer acquisition. According to McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers compared to social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. And this is mainly due to the fact that a vast majority of people use their emails daily. 

As stated, email marketing has a variety of benefits, and most importantly, it is easily maintained and provides you with an inexpensive yet consistent form of marketing that could pay dividends to your business’ sales. Used strategically, email marketing can bring greater customer retention for businesses. And to bring your email marketing ideas to life, there are a number of tools and best practices that can be used to help maximise the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Top email marketing tools to use

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1. HubSpot’s email marketing

Powerful but not overpowerful, HubSpot’s email marketing tools can help you do everything from design and send professional emails to even optimising them to improve performance. Boost your email open and click-through rates, create emails that cater to each recipient and run your own email marketing campaigns without any help from designers or IT. Treat your subscribers like the people they are and leverage HubSpot’s email marketing software that’s powered by CRM data, such that your campaign is built upon customer demands and needs at its core. 

2. Sender

Allowing you to keep in touch with your customers with ease and grow your business without burning a hole through your marketing budget, Sender is a platform that lets you create and send beautiful, branded emails. The platform prides itself on the creation and delivery of visually aesthetic newsletters that can help keep your current and prospective customers informed about your business. From custom HTML editors to code email templates to a free templates gallery to create your own unique email, Sender offers them all.

3. Omnisend

Looking to increase your sales and not your workload? Omnisend is an easy-to-use platform designed for email marketing, SMS and automation. Every template on Omnisend is built in and 100% customisable so that you can offer each of your customers a personalised experience and drive revenue round-the-clock with its pre-built automations. From product abandonment to order confirmation, get everything settled and never leave your customers waiting for long. 

Email marketing best practices

There is no set-and-forget method to email marketing, though there are a few strategies that one could use. Newsletters, order confirmation, promotional content and even celebratory emails can all be used in tandem to show your email list that you are willing to put in the effort to build a relationship with them.

Brainstorming a strong subject line that grabs your customer’s attention is also crucial. This ensures that your subscriber is kept intrigued by the content and actually opens the email. Including your brand’s logo and delivering a compelling message within the contents of the email will also help retain the attention of your customers and proves to be one of the key email marketing best practices. Lastly, be sure to personalise your emails. With personalisation being more than capable of boosting brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, this small step of personalising an email’s greeting line with your subscriber’s name can help your business ace one fundamental aspect of branding. This is especially so if you are trying to reach Gen Zs with the right marketing strategy. 

Bonus marketing tip: choose a delivery partner to deliver on promises

Even if a business has aced e-marketing strategic planning, this alone may not suffice in keeping customers happy. One of the best tips businesses can consider is to complement their email marketing plan with top-notch services. And providing customers with top-notch delivery services is one of the best ways to maintain a loyal customer following. DHL Express, for example, has both an international and local reach that will help complete your email marketing strategy. Understanding the importance of delivering on promises, we work closely with our clients to provide time-sensitive deliveries to cater to their demands. Partnering with DHL Express can help take your business to new heights. Open a DHL Express business account today.