Top 3 exports from New Zealand and how businesses can capitalise on them

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As a business based in New Zealand (NZ), have you ever stopped to consider the diverse range of products your country has to offer the international market? According to Stats NZ, NZ's goods exports grew by 18% in 2022 from the year 2021, reaching NZ$6.7 billion. This shows that exports can offer businesses the opportunity to grow their customer base and increase revenue from new sources, making now an ideal time for businesses to expand into new markets by shipping internationally.

Knowing which products have the greatest potential for success in foreign markets can be challenging, but there are abundant opportunities that can be leveraged upon determining which export routes provide the greatest return on investment. In this blog, we’ll examine the three biggest exports from NZ and how businesses located within the country can make use of them to capitalise on unique international markets and ship overseas.

What are the top three exports from NZ?

If you’re a business owner in NZ looking to expand your business internationally and take advantage of the opportunities available abroad, it’s important that you understand the primary exports coming out of this country. From fruits and vegetables to dairy products and forestry-based materials, NZ has a variety of different export options that local businesses can capitalise on.

1. Dairy, eggs and honey products

NZ has a thriving agricultural industry, with a wide variety of dairy, eggs and honey products being exported around the world. In 2022, NZ exports of dairy products, eggs and honey were valued at US$14.05 billion, data by Trading Economics indicate. By tapping into this lucrative market, businesses can benefit from access to high-quality dairy products at competitive prices. With demand for dairy, eggs and honey steadily increasing – evident in how dairy, eggs, honey, and meat products make up 40% of NZ’s total exports – it is clear that there is a big potential for international shipping from this corner of the globe. Furthermore, with a global increase in demand for ethical food sources, NZ's reputation for natural produce presents an ideal opportunity for businesses to tap into export opportunities. 

2. Meat products

Raking in a total of US$6.2 billion in 2022, meat products are second on the list of top exports from NZ, according to Tridge. This shows that NZ's meat exportation industry has the potential to create countless business opportunities for local entrepreneurs. With strict governmental regulations ensuring that the meat products are safe and up to the highest quality standards, NZ exports have become well renowned in providing exceptional meat-based products around the globe. Additionally, NZ has created an efficient shipping network – equipped with the fastest couriers and more – that helps to ensure meat products from NZ reach their destinations safely, quickly and at competitive prices. As a result, shipping quality-grade products overseas not only protects national interests, but it also drives necessary growth for those involved in agriculture and shipping. 

3. Wood products

NZ is home to a variety of renewable resources, and one that offers the most opportunity for local businesses is the export of wood. In 2022, the export value of wood products amounted to a solid NZ$6.58 billion, government statistics revealed. This means that companies shipping internationally can benefit from NZ’s wealth of high-quality woods, such as cedar, mahogany and kauri used for furniture, fixtures and other high-end wood products. Furthermore, exporting wood from NZ also supports the national sustainable forestry practices, which ensures resources will remain available in the future. To sum it up, exporting abroad is an excellent way for local businesses to capitalise on these offerings by providing high-value products to markets across the globe while contributing to NZ's economy at the same time.

Challenges of exporting goods from NZ

Exporting goods from NZ can be a profitable venture for any business. However, it is important to understand the different obstacles you may face when exporting goods overseas. Knowing what these challenges are and how to best prepare for them will help ensure that your business is able to successfully export its goods.

1. Transportation and logistics

Exporting products from NZ involves working out the complexities of transportation and logistics. To overcome this challenge, engaging a logistics provider that offers a diverse range of cheap delivery services, such as overnight air shipping, specialised shipping containers or special transport services, is a great option to consider depending on your needs. Keeping track of current freight trends is also helpful for anticipating shipping delays or other potential issues that can arise when exporting products. Additionally, staying aware of any changes in the global supply chain trend can be useful for identifying other ways to expedite and simplify the entire process. With the right strategy in place, businesses in NZ can successfully manage the challenges of export transportation and logistics for a successful export practice.

2. Financing exports

Exporting from NZ comes with its own set of challenges, and the lack of access to finance is often at the top of the list. Fortunately, drop shipping can be a viable solution for many exporters looking for an inexpensive option when it comes to financing their NZ exports. Drop shipping involves a third-party vendor who holds and ships the product from the supplier’s location directly to the customer. This eliminates the need for the exporter to have large amounts of money saved up or invested in order to afford exporting goods, as they are only responsible for paying the cost once the purchase is made. Although drop shipping has some limitations, it’s been known to be an effective way to finance export activities and help businesses in NZ grow into new markets.

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