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How Can Companies Ride the Cross Border E-Commerce Wave With DHL

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The growth of the e-commerce industry has occurred at breakneck speed, bolstered in part by the lockdowns and border closures induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Statista, online retail sales worldwide have crossed US$5.2 trillion (NZ$8.2 trillion) in 2021, and this figure is expected to rise by another 56% by 2026. 

With this trajectory, e-commerce presents a wealth of revenue-generating opportunities for businesses, especially for those looking to sell across the border.

For businesses in New Zealand, how can you ride  on this opportune wave, and how can partnering with DHL Express help you improve your e-commerce business plan? Read on.

1. Broad global reach

As the world’s largest international logistics solutions provider, DHL Express is able to close the gap between e-commerce businesses and customers from around the world reliably and seamlessly. Our express delivery network spans across 220 different countries and territories. We are also supported by a state-of-the-art fleet of more than 280 dedicated aircrafts, advanced facilities and an efficient customer service team committed to enhancing your cross-border e-commerce growth.

With flexible shipping options such as On Demand Delivery and affordable shipping, New Zealand businesses will be able to extend a wide range of personalised options to their customers while still retaining complete visibility across the supply chain process.

2. End-to-end support

In line with our strong logistics infrastructure, we have also developed online resources and tools to help companies of all sizes streamline their e-commerce operations. For example, MyDHL+ makes it easy for you to ship orders online, acquire quotes, schedule pickups and more. At the same time, our experts are also on hand to give you a helping hand or take charge of your logistics operations so you can focus on the other areas of your business strategy planning.

Apart from automation and support, DHL Express also offers integrated warehouse and transportation insights via MySupplyChain, which helps customers make informed decisions and acquire a competitive edge above the rest.

3. Scalable solutions for businesses

To date, the world has seen how e-commerce has changed the face of internationalised shopping. To see just how ubiquitous this is, we can take a look at Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sales across the years. According to Statista,  the global e-commerce event started in 2011 with just US$0.82 million (NZ$1.18 million), growing to a whopping US$84.54 million (NZ$121.67 million) in revenue by 2021. 

As more businesses enter the playing field and new technologies emerge, it is inevitable that the expectations of consumers will also reflect the change. To stay competitive and on-trend, businesses should therefore be strategic when planning their cross border e-commerce strategy and develop a scalable business model. For a start, businesses can leverage our affordable, no-minimum-volume door-to-door delivery service to keep operational costs within control.

Experience cross border e-commerce growth with DHL Express

The cross border e-commerce sector in New Zealand is far from being saturated. With a study from Statista showing an expected annual growth rate of 13.19% on the revenue generated, rising demand in countries such as China, and strong user penetration across the markets, businesses who have not pivoted to an omni-channel approach should plan to do so – quickly. 

DHL Express is designed for e-commerce success. With our world-class logistics solutions and comprehensive business integrations with online stores, you will be able to ride the cross border e-commerce wave effortlessly and economically. Open an account with us today!