50 Years Of DHL Partnership: What’s Next?

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When DHL started its operations in the Philippines in 1971, it made an impact in an era of unprecedented innovation. As demand for fast and reliable logistics solutions grew with more and more Filipinos connected in the internet age, DHL Express stepped forward by providing logistics solutions for the growing e-commerce industry, supporting local SMEs to reach international markets.

For 50 years, we have been an industry leader, striving to become not just a good business partner but a responsible one too, giving back to the global community as a good corporate citizen. With programs such as Go Negosyo, Go Teach DHL, GoGreen, GoHeart, and others, DHL Express continues to connect Filipinos and improve their lives. With 50 years of history, innovation, and dedication in the Philippines, we keep looking forward to the future, to another 50 years and beyond. Read along further to find information about these business partnerships and how we pave the path for future innovations and initiatives.

DHL’s partnership with DTI

All customers of DTI's Negosyo Centers in the Philippines now have access to a variety of market expansion opportunities thanks to a partnership between DHL Express and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). This partnership with DTI Negosyo Center aims to support the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector and encourage more international business opportunities. 

GoNegosyo’s initiatives have given DHL a platform to add value to its existing customers by allowing it to proactively invite them to participate in GoNegosyo talks, seminars, and summits. GoNegosyo showcases its capabilities through mentoring sessions of the GoNegosyo-DTI’s Kapatid Mentor ME Program for MSMEs in the provincial areas.

Through this partnership, DHL Express offers a 10% discount to all customers of DTI Negosyo Centers on the tariff rates, thus providing MSMEs with the opportunity to grow their cross-border e-commerce. It also makes it more convenient for MSMEs to expand their business transactions, thrive, and scale up their business. Currently, the program is available in 129 full-service Negosyo Philippines centers with the aim to make it available in more centers in the future. 

DHL’s partnership with CDA

To help the cooperative industry and promote more global business opportunities, DHL Express teamed up with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). Through an innovative marketing platform called CoopBiz, the CDA, a government organization, supports the long-term growth and development of cooperatives in the Philippines. This platform provides an enabling environment for cooperatives and assists them in marketing their products and services through a well-established marketing network. 

The cooperatives who qualify for the program get to use DHL Express for shipping their goods and products abroad. It also offers discounts and promo codes that the cooperatives can use while booking their shipments. By collaborating with the DHL service partner in this program, CDA provides endless possibilities for the cooperatives to prosper through technology and digitalization. Together, they contribute to economic sustainability and the country’s economic growth.

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DHL partnerships with Teach for the Philippines

Realizing its responsibility of becoming a responsible citizen of the world, DHL Express has partnered with Teach for the Philippines since 2013 through its GoTeach DHL program. As one of the largest employers in the world, DHL has access to qualified employees all over the world who share their time, skills, and experiences in imparting education to people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

GoTeach DHL improves the employability of young people by launching a global partnership with a network of more than 60 independent partner organizations worldwide. With the partnership with Teach for the Philippines, the younger generation are provided with improved educational opportunities to promote excellent stability and prosperity.

DHL’s sustainability initiatives

As the world’s leading, responsible logistics company, DHL Express has also set the example of being a sustainability leader. From reducing carbon footprint and setting the highest social and governance standards, it pioneered the first green logistics product and a commitment to a zero-emissions target by 2050. These initiatives include GoGreen, GoGreen Plus, and other green logistics solutions.

The GoGreen solutions by DHL create transparency, optimize carbon footprint, and offset carbon emissions across the supply chain. GoGreen Plus also helps reduce carbon emissions in the air and ocean by using sustainable aviation biofuels and sustainable marine fuels. Companies can utilize these sustainability solutions to achieve their environmental goals for a greener future. 

Become a DHL Express partner and expand your global reach

For more than 50 years, DHL Express has been enhancing and connecting Filipinos' lives. The DHL’s wheel of purpose demonstrates the company's commitment to making a difference in people's lives around the globe. It continues to assist companies in extending their global reach while empowering people's lives all over the world and building a sustainable planet through initiatives like GoGreen, GoHeart, GoTeach, GoHelp, volunteering programs, and disaster response efforts. You can create a business account with us to learn more about how DHL Express can support the expansion and success of your MSME company.