How HUBBED & M Lhuillier exemplifies the success of on-demand delivery

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Delivery and logistics systems have improved significantly over the past decades. Most notably is the time taken to deliver a package to a destination – waiting months for a package to be delivered is now a thing of the past. 

Consumers today expect more from businesses, in particular quicker deliveries. According to a McKinsey & Company report¹, 46% of the consumers mentioned that longer-than-expected shipping time had caused them to abandon their online purchases. In addition, 34% prefer to buy from retailers rather than online stores when the delivery time is too long. 

As consumer demand for faster delivery services rises, Filipino businesses that offer on-demand delivery services can benefit from an increase in sales and enhanced customer loyalty. DHL Express understands the importance of having on-demand deliveries for our business clients and has worked on providing flexible, highly customized on-demand shipping services. On top of this, we constantly maintain meaningful engagement with third-party agents that can further benefit Filipino businesses. Our partnership with M Lhuillier and HUBBED is one such example.

How DHL Express’ partnership with M Lhuillier and HUBBED can benefit businesses

M Lhuillier is a leading money remittance company in the Philippines, offering a range of financial services such as money-lending and micro-insurance. With over 3,000 branches in the Philippines, they play an integral role in the lives of the locals. Our partnership with M Lhuillier connects many businesses in rural areas to the international market and creates easier access for families to send packages to their loved ones working abroad. 

Along with HUBBED, a third-party agent and parcel collection network that connects our On-Demand Delivery (ODD) system to M Lhuillier, DHL Express can provide greater flexibility to customers and increased business profitability. Here's how:

1. Convenience

With this partnership, we can offer more convenient shipping choices; customers now have the option to collect their shipments at selected M Lhuillier branches nationwide. This can benefit businesses or individuals looking to ship in to or out of the Philippines as well, including Overseas Filipino Workers who wish to send care packages at home.

Our engagement with M Lhuiller allowed us to add over 150 more pick-up venues to our existing 200+ DHL Express branches in the Philippines. Customers may also request for these parcels to be moved from one DHL Service Point to another, with the help of our HUBBED agent.

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2. Higher customer satisfaction & loyalty

Customers are generally more satisfied when they receive their parcels quickly or can pick them up at a time comfortable and from an accessible location. This improves customer satisfaction and increases the pool of returning customers, driving greater brand loyalty. DHL Express’s partnership with M Lhuillier and HUBBED opens up a vast retail network, including in areas not easily accessible, which makes parcel collection a breeze for customers. At the same time, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in secluded regions can tap into this network to reach international markets more conveniently. They do not have to travel far to drop off their international deliveries, reducing the last-mile journey. Since quicker deliveries are key to customer satisfaction, MSMEs can look forward to happier and more loyal customers. 

The ability to track and trace parcels in real-time via our handy MyDHL+ application is also a key benefit to both customers and businesses. Customers will feel assured that their parcel is on track to be delivered, while business can stay updated on any hiccups along the last-mile journey and take necessary action to avoid significant delays.

3. Improving through collecting consumer insights

When customers checkout from e-commerce platforms and select a delivery option, businesses can gather and synthesize important data about their preferences, which they can use to analyze consumer behavior. Such analysis helps in fine-tuning their strategies before and on the last-mile. For instance, if there are certain pick-up points popular among customers, businesses can consider providing location-specific incentives to reward them and facilitate repeat purchases. On the last-mile, the logistics partners can leverage such insights to ensure enough resources are available for seamless movements of parcels to and from these popular pick-up points.

The integration between HUBBED, M Lhullier branches and DHL Express allows for the consolidation and meaningful sharing of data, optimising operations to offer a top-notch delivery experience. 

4. Competitive pricing

Modern on-demand delivery solutions can scale investments in human resources, storage, and retail operations, enabling businesses to provide highly competitive pricing. This would mean higher rates of success, prevention of market loss and an increase in profit margins. Our delivery solutions, supported by partnerships with HUBBED and M Lhuillier, can provide your business with that competitive edge you need to stand out from the crowd. Realigning your delivery costs against the diversity of options you can provide to your customers, even if that requires a slight increase in product prices, can translate to greater profitability in the long run. In the United States alone, 65% of consumers revealed that they are willing to pay more for quicker and more reliable deliveries². This statistic reported by a consumer insight survey by Omnitracs LLC, is reflective of today’s customer base who are willing to put their money where it’s most worth.

How can your customers pick up parcels from M Lhullier branches?

When customers choose our on-demand delivery services, they will have the additional option of collecting their shipments at selected MLhuillier outlets in the Philippines. Here’s how they can do so: 

  1. Notification for delivery options: After the customer makes a purchase from your website, our team will dispatch your parcel to the Philippines. Upon arrival, your customer will be notified via their preferred mode of contact to choose their delivery option.

  2. Selection: Your customer can select “Collection from a nearby DHL Service Point or Locker” and select the M Lhullier branch your customer wishes to pick up the order. We will then proceed with the delivery on the ground.

  3. Validation: HUBBED will send an SMS and email with a PIN your customer will need to use for validation when they collect their package. 

DHL Express continues to be a strategic partner for many businesses and is committed to professionalism at every step, providing services such as on-demand delivery and real-time tracking. Create a DHL Express account with us now to begin your journey to entrepreneurial success!

1 McKinsey & Company January 2020.

2 Retail Customer Experience. June 2021.