Prioritizing DIY Shipping With DIYSHIPMENT

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The e-commerce sector has been snowballing in the Philippines with a market value of US$7.5 billion in 2020 and is estimated to reach US$28 billion by 2025, reports the Department of Trade and Industry. With this growth in the e-commerce sector comes a boost in consumer demand for faster and more reliable international deliveries. Companies are expected to offer safe, secure, and fast international shipping to improve customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition in the market. 

To ensure that they meet their customers’ satisfaction and continue growing their customer base, it is crucial for businesses to partner with a suitable logistics carrier to ensure that their orders reach the customers safely and on time.

It is with this in mind that DHL Express is constantly coming up with innovative ways to make deliveries quick, dependable, and secure. The DIYShipment solutions in the Philippines are the newest addition to these services.

What is the DIYShipment service by DHL?

Customers can schedule deliveries and other aspects of shipping themselves with DHL Express's hassle-free drop-off service, DIYShipment. DIYShipment is an online platform that customers can access on mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop for all its features. They can arrange deliveries, obtain shipment information, get charge estimates, and choose delivery dates based on their preferences and requirements – all done online via the DIYShipment website, making it one of the many intuitive self-help tools in our repertoire.

Customers can order a DIY box to package the goods they want to ship domestically or internationally. The DIY box packaging comes in different sizes to cater to other dimensions and weights of products. Customers can then create the bill of lading themselves using the DIYShipment portal through the following steps:

  1. Start by logging into diyshipment.dhl.com.

  2. Choose the origin and endpoint of the shipment.

  3. Specify whether the consignment is a package or document.

  4. Specify the information and shipment date.

  5. Receive the barcode reference number for the booked shipment

  6. Drop off the DIY delivery box at the nearest DHL Express service point, where they only need the booking reference number to secure the shipment.

Why you should opt for DHL Express’s DIY shipping service

DHL Express’ DIY shipping offers various benefits that make it a good choice for businesses to use for international delivery.

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1. Convenient and fast shipping drop-offs

DIYShipment offers a convenient and fast way through which you can drop off your shipments at the nearest DHL Express service point. There will be no need to spend time waiting to book the shipment at the service point. This process can become quite tedious and time-consuming when you are booking multiple shipments. With the DIYShipment port, you can simply book them all from your mobile or tablet. 

Just manage the packing aspect and create the DIY packages you wish to ship internationally. The only task left will be to drop off the shipments at the DIYShipment Express Lane, and you are done.

2. No need to register for an account

The process of this DIY delivery service is simple and efficient, where you do not have to register for an account on the portal. You can fill out the online form without signing up and booking your shipment.

3. Friendly user interface

The portal is user-friendly, with a side-by-side view of shipping and destination addresses to help you identify the address formats of countries and regions for a quicker view.

4. Notifications

The portal also gives you a notification feature that you can use to check if you entered the correct information or not. In case of incorrect information, it will prompt accordingly, giving you the chance to correct the information.

5. Safe drop-offs

DIYShipment ensures safe drop-offs of your international shipments. You enter all the booking information and drop it off safely at the service point. Hence, it gives you the peace of mind that your shipment will reach the destination safely and reliably.

Shipping is made easy with DHL Express’s DIYShipment service 

With extensive experience spanning years of helping local businesses and e-commerce and a wide delivery network across 220 countries and territories, DHL Express can help you expand your reach globally. We offer a wide range of delivery services to help expand your reach and ensure that your shipments get delivered quickly and safely. Open an account with us today and experience the new, efficient way of DIY shipping with our DIYShipment service.