3 Pinoy Beauty Brands That Truly Believed The World Is Their Playground

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The digital disruption in the Philippines forced many business leaders to not just pivot but also leverage its opportunities for revenue-making strategies. From swift online shopping to effective digital payments, many small and medium enterprises in the country — which tallies over 100,000 and counting – reaped  astounding benefits, this is with reference to Tech Wire Asia. Much of their success lies in being able to reach a global customer base.

We now live in an increasingly tech-savvy world and according to an article by We Are Social, more than 60% (or 4.72 billion) of the global population are connected to the internet. More critical to the discourse is their internet behavior. According to DataReportal, in 2021 alone, 81.5% of global internet users searched the web to buy a product or service and 76.8% made a purchase online. Clearly, the internet is a lucrative playground for local businesses looking for global profit streams.

One sector that has taken the e-commerce market by storm is the beauty industry. With reference to an article by Common Thread, in 2021, the industry was worth US$511b, and is predicted to exceed by US$716b and US$784.6b by 2025 and 2027 respectively.

While the quality of the beauty products play a significant role in business growth, the role of a reliable logistics provider cannot be ignored. Safe and orderly shipments are cornerstones to customer satisfaction, which resultantly reflects upon a brand’s reputation in the market. 

Here, we dive into three local Pinoy beauty brands who found creative endeavor online in targeting a global audience. As success stories, they leave us with key takeaways on how to grow and expand your business globally.

Dipping their toes into international shipping: Beauche

A stable local beauty brand with a successful following on social media, Beauche first stepped into the international market when overseas orders came streaming in. Having leveraged marketplaces like Amazon and Lazada, the brand realized their potential in capturing an expanded market. However, when plagued with expensive freight charges, longer transit times of more than five days, and worse, lost and damaged shipments, they knew they could not penetrate the global market unless they fixed issues on the last-mile. 

What did we do?

Switching to DHL Express influenced their delivery performance tremendously. Whether Beauche’s customers need their beauty products in the next possible business day, in a few days or urgently on the same day, the brand is now able to cater to their diverse needs with multiple delivery options, right from their base in Cavite City. In addition to competitive shipment rates, customers also receive their shipments in order, with zero lost and damaged shipments since Beauche partnered with DHL Express. 

Optimizing international trade with practical solutions: Beautederm

Beautederm offers a wide range of safe and environmentally-friendly skincare and beauty products to locals, both locally and abroad. For the longest time, queuing in long lines at the post office was a normal routine for their logistics team when it came to fulfilling international orders. That was till their logistics head stepped into our DHL Express service center in Pampanga. 

What did we do?

After a few internal referrals, Beautederm finally opened a DHL Corporate Account but that was just the start. DHL Express engaged the company in a range of activities to better understand their brand and help them grow their business overseas. These included guiding them on how to plan their Cost Of Goods (COG) to allow for more profitable strategies. The Power Up Your E-Commerce Potential webinar was another endeavor explored to help the brand capitalize on key global trends, find key growth opportunities and drive the right solutions for them in the e-commerce world.

Eventually, Beauterderm expanded their line of beauty products to include personal care, cosmetics, perfumes, weight management kits and branded merchandise. This expanded their pool of distributors and resellers, drawing year on year growth in international revenue.

In 2021, the brand added three international franchisees in Canada, New Zealand and Singapore, adding to their local nationwide number of 92.

Finding a footing in a blossoming market: Johnrev Skinceuticals

Once an owner of a successful burger joint, now a strategic player in the beauty industry. Brainchild of Randy Sayson Binondo, Johnrev Skinceuticals was born out of tenacity, inquisitiveness and an undying hustle to establish a profit-making business venture. The brand went by the mantra, ‘you name it, we have it’,  in a bid to have people feel pampered whenever they shopped with Johnrev Skinceuticals.

The plan? Creating a marketplace of over 500 brands and shipping top-quality health and beauty products to various countries, including Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Japan and nations in Europe. How? By tying up with more than 20 Filipino-run businesses all over the world and establishing a presence on social media.

What did we do?

DHL Express came in to alleviate the stress off Randy who had been managing the shipments on his own. In 24 hours, we set up for him the DHL account where all shipments are created, consolidated and tracked in real-time, and that too, paper-less. Topped with secure packaging and last-mile transparency for end-customers, Johnrev Skinceuticals grew their intentional demand that led to the establishment of a physical store.

“My international customers often commend our business in terms of delivery because my products arrive promptly, with no damage,” shared Randy on Inquirer.Net, commenting on the on-demand delivery options provided by DHL Express. In addition to these, Randy also benefited from value-adding webinars and market insights offered through the partnership, allowing him to identify more ways to expand his business.

How to expand your business: Key takeaways from Pinoy beauty brands

  • Establishing presence on international marketplaces can expand global reach. You can reach out to Overseas Filipino Workers for a start!

  • Consistently safe, timely and orderly shipments can influence customer loyalty and retention.

  • Offering various delivery options to consumers offers greater flexibility to consumers with diverse needs.

  • Reliable shipping solutions does not need to be expensive.

  • Going paperless and having all activities streamlined into one accessible DHL Express portal saves operations costs.

  • Keeping tabs on latest e-commerce trends is critical for growth.

Looking forward to making the international beauty market yours? Push your brand out to the open with DHL— start by creating a DHL Express account today.