Empowering women entrepreneurs: women entrepreneurs who partnered with DHL
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Working women have come a long way from the days when they were restricted by their gender in many fields. Throughout the 20th century, there has been much progress and push for women's rights, resulting in voting equality for women, the formation of International Women’s Day, and a louder voice for women in the workplace. Today, we see women in businesses worldwide in leading positions, which were initially thought to be predominantly male-driven industries. 

Women entrepreneurs in the Philippines also continue to thrive and grow. However, starting a new business is never easy; it has challenges that can be overcome through reliable and trusted partners in business. DHL Express is a logistics partner that believes in empowering women and has been providing logistics services to women entrepreneurs in the Philippines to help expand their global outreach. 

The following sections will discuss some successful women entrepreneurs from the Philippines who partnered with DHL and found success.

1. Aranáz

The women behind the success of the Aranáz collection of bags are a mother-daughter trio, Becky Aranaz, and her children Amina and Rossanna, who dreamed big and realized it through collaboration and partnership with DHL Express.  They founded the label  in 1999 and, since then, have been showing Filipino craftsmanship and skill to the rest of the world.

Before the founding of Aranáz, the family matriarch, Becky Aranaz, was already an established women entrepreneur who had been running her own manufacturing and export firm since the 1980s. As a perfect example of women empowering women, Amina and Rosanna joined hands with their mother and started making traditional Filipino hand-woven handbags and clutches, marking the humble beginnings of Aranáz. But their dream was to access the global market, which became a reality with DHL Express.

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As a trusted logistics partner, DHL Express paved the way to bring Aranaz bags close to the world by connecting the brand with target customers and business partners. Today, the brand is thriving in the international market and has successfully proven that traditional Filipino craftsmanship can have a strong standing in the fashion industry, too. 

2. Pure Vanity Connections

Pure Vanity Connections Company is a supplier of beauty, health, and wellness products in the Philippines. This Filipina beauty brand is a testament to women’s economic empowerment, where two women dreamt of creating a brand that does business internationally and successfully materialized that dream. With international operations, however, they needed to collaborate with a reputable and reliable logistics solutions provider to guarantee that all products arrive at their destination countries safely and on time. DHL Express proved to be the trusted shipping partner that helped them deliver the products to worldwide destinations.

When Pure Vanity first came on board with DHL Express, they shared that the brand’s main goal was to grow the business and expand its global outreach. Hence, we offered them an additional discount to support their expansion into the US and TW markets. We also briefed them on the EU Regulatory Changes for their shipments entering the EU market. By working closely with Pure Vanity to improve business processes on both ends and helping them understand how to comply with local and international regulations, DHL Express successfully helped the homegrown Filipino business reach foreign shores. 

How the MyDHL+ website helped these entrepreneurs

As a firm advocate of female empowerment, DHL Express has been helping these women entrepreneurs and other businesses through MyDHL+ for years. Through a user-friendly interface, users can prepare the shipments themselves and access important information like the estimated costs and tax (if applicable to the countries they’re shipping to.) A tracking code is available for each shipment, so users can easily track and trace their shipments on the MyDHL+ website.

Additionally, MyDHL+ provides an on-demand delivery option that allows customers to reschedule deliveries for a more convenient day and time. Explore the various ways that DHL Express can assist you in expanding your business abroad by opening a business account now.