Successful Filipinos in Global Trading

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It can be challenging to start a new business without the support and expertise of reliable partners, which is why businesses trading in the Philippines need to work with trustworthy logistics partners. One such organization would be DHL Express, a service provider who has worked closely with Filipino entrepreneurs by actively supporting and helping them expand their global reach. 

Till date, there have been several success stories of Filipino entrepreneurs who have flourished globally. Read on to learn more about three examples of such entrepreneurs from the Philippines and how DHL Express helped their businesses by exporting their products abroad.

1. Zarah Juan

Zarah Juan, a Filipino entrepreneur and local socio-cultural advocate, found her passion in promoting hand-made crafts from the Philippines in the form of artisan bags and shoes. Drawing Inspiration from local artisanal products that she once saw in Japan, she immediately thought of doing something similar in the Philippines. Since 2006, through the support of her friends, family, and business partners, she has been able to provide sustainable livelihoods to advocates, clients, and communities that she has worked with when promoting Filipino culture and traditions.

When COVID-19 happened, she shifted her business online, and expanded her global reach. To ensure On-Time Delivery performance of her business, it was vital to ensure that Miss Juan’s products get delivered abroad on time. Enter DHL Express, who came to her rescue and made it possible for her to fulfill her overseas orders quickly and efficiently. 

DHL Express’s vision of transforming the world of logistics and challenging themselves to break boundaries has proven to be revolutionary for Miss Juan’s business whereby she was able to gain global recognition quickly through their worldwide network. She considers DHL Express a life saver during the pandemic and is grateful to the courier service provider for the support, insights, and expertise that it provided her. 

2. Mutya Buensuceso

Mutya Buensuceso is a Filipino mom who owns Spinkie, a stylish children’s accessories brand. Madam Buensuceso and her husband created Spinkie in 2011, but it failed to grow as they had envisioned. In 2016, she revisited her vision for Spinkie and decided the business will have to extend its reach abroad, and go global. Madam Buensuceso and her husband researched different communities for mothers and decided to venture into nursery and children’s room decor. They introduced Spinkie’s Dreamy Canopy, which created a sense of magic and creativity in children’s spaces. 

DHL Express helped Madam Buensuceso overcome the challenges of becoming a global brand by helping her operate more efficiently. The courier service provider’s backend integration to Spinkie’s website allowed customers to track their packages through an on-demand delivery feature. To further grow the brand and turn it into a global business, both companies analyzed data to identify markets that needed to be given priority.

With a quick turnaround of three to five business days, DHL Express also helped Spinkie enhance its credibility by providing fast and reliable delivery of its products, which impressed Spinkie’s overseas customers. Through this, Spinkie is able to continue to expand its business abroad and spread its magic worldwide.

3. JohnRev Skinceuticals

The man behind JohnRev Skinceuticals, Randy Sayson Binondo, started off as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Dubai back in 2009. Eight years later, he returned to the Philippines to start a burger franchise. The business was progressing well till COVID-19 hit. An economic victim of the pandemic, Mr. Binondo ended his food franchise business, and returned to the workforce as a salaried worker. Taking on one job after another, it was not long that Mr. Binondo had the epiphany of distributing and selling health and beauty products. He soon made acquaintances from abroad and started his new business under the brand of JohnRev Skinceuticals, a company that sells affordable, high-quality health and beauty products. 

Prior to his partnership with DHL Express, Mr. Binondo would personally take care of all aspects of the business. When he opened an account with DHL Express, the courier service provider took over all of JohnRev Skinceuticals’ shipping and logistics, all of these in just a day’s time. Through DHL Express, all of JohnRev Skinceuticals’ overseas shipments would reach its customers on time and in perfect condition. Due to DHL Express’s reliable shipping services, the customers' confidence in the brand grew, further expanding Mr. Binondo’s business abroad.

DHL Express’s wide range of services can help Filipino entrepreneurs expand overseas

DHL Express offers a myriad of opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs to expand their business overseas and ship their products in a reliable and timely manner. Our extensive selection of delivery service options gives businesses the freedom to choose one that best meets their demands. Open a business account today and enjoy exclusive benefits such as flexible delivery options and access to a variety of powerful shipping tools.