How to ship sports equipment to The Philippines

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Known to be one of the most dynamic and fastest growing economies in ASEAN, The Philippines now boasts an ever-expanding young labor force and growing middle class. But something else has been thriving in the country in recent years — its sports and esports industries. Accompanied by The Philippines’ large and young population, the country as a whole is now seen as one of the most ideal markets for sports and esports. However, its youth isn't the only catalyst for the sports and esports markets growing bigger by the day — it also lies in the fact that the young growing population in The Philippines is also more likely to play, consume, interact, and engage with these activities and its affiliated elements. 

The emerging sport in The Philippines

Of all the emerging sports in Asia, basketball is undoubtedly the fast-growing and most watched — as a matter of fact, it is the fastest-growing sport in the world, leaving no country, including The Philippines, unaffected by its popularity. Whether it is due to the NBA’s attempts at expanding its international presence paying off or because The Philippines was the only Asian country to win a FIBA Basketball World Cup back in 1978, basketball remains undefeated in terms of popularity amongst all other sports in the country. And there is no doubt that its popularity will continue to grow.

What does this mean for businesses?

As with most markets that continue to grow bigger, it is only natural for companies and organizations to enter the market due to the assumption that doing so will open doors to lucrative opportunities. Using the esports market as an example, the acceleration brought forth by the pandemic led to the widespread acceptance of esports as both an entertainment and a competitive sport. Today, The Philippines esports market is home to over 45 million active gamers, and some of the largest global corporations in the country are looking to get their foot into the market to take advantage of this growth.

Similarly, the same can be said about basketball in the Philippines and the various opportunities that businesses in the industry will be presented with. With NBA’s Asia Managing Director Ramez Sheikh stating that 55% of The Philippines are NBA fans, and the fact that The Philippines is one of the biggest markets of the NBA outside of the United States, it is only a matter of time before organizations tap onto its popularity and the sports fanatics and leverage it to reinvent themselves. From basketball accessories and gear to basketball equipment, global businesses have several conduits to harness the power of the basketball craze to expand their reach and gain profits.

Basics of shipping basketball equipment to The Philippines

Unlike the never-ending debate on who is the greatest player of all time, the popularity of basketball in The Philippines has long been cemented. However, if you, like the NBA, are looking to nurture the fan base in The Philippines, bringing the league closer to the fans in the country is the next natural step. And this means deepening their love for the sport by exporting everything from the various equipment and gears of basketball to other basketball accessories to cater to the growing customer demands. But what measures are you supposed to take to ensure these packages will satisfy the most avid basketball fans?

1. Meeting The Philippines' sports equipment import requirements 

Like any product being imported into The Philippines, shipping basketballs, basketball gear and accessories require consideration of various regulations. Of all the steps to export the various equipment used in basketball, the first is to meet the requirements posed in both your country and The Philippines. According to the Republic of The Philippines Department of Trade and Industry, basketball gear, equipment, and accessories are not on the list of regulated import commodities and prohibited import commodities. However, if the basketballs, gears and accessories you are shipping to The Philippines are classified as toys, then import clearance and license from the Department of Health — Food and Drugs Administration-Center for Device Regulation, Radiation Health, and Research is required. Either way, ensure that you have registered as an importer and your business has attained an Import Clearance Certificate from the Bureau of Internal Revenue — this will be valid for three years. Thereafter, be sure that your basketball packages are accompanied by all the documents required for importing goods. This includes the packing list, invoice, bill of lading, import permit, customs import declaration and certificate of origin.

2. Properly pack and ship the basketball equipment and gear

Ask any business, and they will agree that failing to deliver an item in one piece is not the best way to retain customers. Therefore, depending on the basketball gear, accessories and equipment you are planning to ship, various things need to be done to ensure that everything is packaged and delivered properly, defect-free. For example, if you are packing a basketball for shipping, then you will have to deflate the basketball, cover it with bubble wrap, place it in a cardboard box and add cushioning material to protect your item. However, if you’re shipping basketball equipment like a basketball hoop, the additional steps such as the disassembly of the pole, extension arm, and other adjustment mechanisms must be done. Hardware and small items must also be packed into a small, labeled bag. 

Start shipping basketball equipment and accessories with DHL today

As basketball lovers look for ways to show their love and support for the sport and businesses look for innovative ways to cater to their demands, the typical bottlenecks associated with the shipping of sports equipment and gear are something that cannot be escaped. However, working with a courier service provider experienced in shipping to The Philippines and boasting the knowledge of how to ship basketball equipment and more overseas can make a huge difference.

For years, DHL Express has helped businesses expand their presence across the globe. By providing efficient and reliable overseas shipping options bundled with additional service options that the sports industry can leverage to expand into new markets, shipping processes will undoubtedly be streamlined. With shipment protection insurance, real-time shipment tracking, access to powerful and customizable features on MyDHL+ and unrivaled customer services to tap into, we make it easy for facilities and businesses all over the world to ship basketball and other items internationally. If you are looking to ship basketballs to The Philippines, consider opening a business account with DHL Express today.

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