How DHL Express' eSecure digital Security tool keeps intruders away

3 Mins Read
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The shift towards digitalization has brought about a new set of challenges for businesses, particularly when it comes to digital data security. The stakes are high in the shipping industry, where sensitive information such as shipping details, customer data, and financial information is involved. A single security breach can result in financial losses, damage to brand reputation, and even legal action. And the risks are not just limited to traditional cyber attacks but also extend to remote work vulnerabilities. 

Recent reports from Statista have shown that remote desktop protocol (RDP) attacks are rising in the Philippines, with over 2.41 million incidents recorded in 2022. This statistic highlights businesses' urgent need to prioritize cyber security, especially as remote and hybrid work arrangements become increasingly common. 

With this context in mind, this blog will explore how DHL Express eSecure offers a comprehensive solution to help businesses safeguard their data and ensure the digital security of their operations.

Introducing DHL eSecure

To address and minimize these risks, DHL Express Philippines recommends using an advanced security tool called DHL eSecure. This web-based digital security tool ensures only authorized users can access your DHL account number and perform shipping transactions. With eSecure, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that confidential and vital data is safeguarded from unauthorized access.

How does eSecure work? 

To allow eSecure to work, you must identify a person in your company or business network to access DHL Express' Electronic Shipping Solutions. This person will be your Account Administrator. As the Account Administrators, they can use eSecure to control and manage individuals based on their email addresses and domains, determining who can use your DHL account number. Only authorized users can access your secured account.

How eSecure affects eMailShip

Once registered, authorized users can log into MyDHL+ or eMailShip, where their email addresses are automatically checked against DHL eSecure to confirm they are permitted to proceed. For eMailShip, this procedure persists, and users are inspected before shipment preparation even begins. If users are not authorized, the system will reject the shipment, thereby allowing users to perform all their standard tasks and transactions with an added layer of security provided by eSecure.

Additional perks

Apart from ensuring data security, DHL eSecure also offers other benefits. For instance, it allows self-registration and self-shipping, enabling businesses to manage their global shipping activities more efficiently.

Business owners can then use this extra time for other purposes, be it innovating new business products, refreshing ecommerce marketing plans, or developing sustainable logistics procedures. And best of all, eSecure is entirely free.

Why choose DHL Express Philippines?

As a business owner or manager, the importance of cyber security must be taken seriously, especially when it comes to shipping. By using DHL Express' eSecure, you can prevent unauthorized access to your account number and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive data is protected. 

DHL Express Philippines offers fast and reliable shipping solutions for businesses of any size. Our global team of trained experts is ready to help you plan, track and manage your shipments quickly and easily. Whether you're sending a package domestically or shipping it to international customers, DHL Express Philippines has got you covered. Get unbeatable service and peace of mind with our eSecure feature. 

To learn more about DHL eSecure and open a business account to experience its benefits for yourself, visit the DHL Express Philippines website or contact a DHL Express representative today. Don't wait until it's too late – secure your data and ensure the smooth running of your shipping operations with eSecure.

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