5 Things to Know About E-commerce Integration

3 min read
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The international e-commerce logistics service industry in Singapore thrives on speed, and the last thing you want is to frantically figure out how to deal with your customers’ demands to express last-mile delivery. Therefore, you may want to look into working with a logistical partner to streamline the shipment process including express parcel tracking, exporting of goods and services in Singapore, and more.

Here are the top 5 things to know when you integrate your online store with a logistics system.  

1. Plugins vs APIs

The integration of a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) system with your e-commerce platform is mainly built upon plugins or application program interfaces (APIs). Plug-ins function as add-ons to your online store, while APIs help to connect the logistics system with your e-commerce platform. When operating your online business on platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, you can choose from a wide array of plug-ins available in Singapore to tie in your e-commerce store’s logistics services from end to end.  

2. Choose the type of Third-Party Logistics (3PL) you need

Logistics is defined as an end-to-end process of operations from production to delivery. Therefore, there are several aspects of logistics, such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, shipping, and receiving. Every 3PL offers different services at different stages of logistics and it is important to determine which specific areas need logistical help before choosing a suitable 3PL. With our express e-commerce fulfillment solutions, we can take care of your products, from transportation out of your warehouse, all the way to the doorstep of your customers.  

3. Get access to up-to-date technology without all the work

The online market is highly competitive, and consumers’ demands for speed require all e-commerce businesses to streamline their production and shipping process to ensure products get delivered as fast as possible. Speed lies in the core of our business at DHL Express, hence with our superior e-commerce delivery solutions in Singapore, we make sure that our technology used in international shipments is consistently updated so you can enjoy the benefits of up-to-date technology without lifting a finger.  

4. You can still have control

A common misinterpretation of the integration of the logistics system is that you will lose all control of your service provider and will be completely dependent on their schedule and processes. With DHL Express integration services in Singapore, you can customize and tailor them to your e-commerce logistics needs, and yet be able to retain control over implementation timelines.  

5. Always test the plug-ins first

It is important to test the logistics extension first, to ensure its functionalities are compatible with your online platform, before throwing in the money. At DHL Express, we understand the amount of responsibility and trust you are putting in us, thus we provide a sandbox or test environment for you to experiment with the plug-ins before you make a decision on the most suitable delivery solutions for your e-commerce business in Singapore.