Why Faster & Same-Day Delivery is a Competitive Edge for E-Commerce Businesses

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In the past few years, the e-commerce sector has rapidly expanded. With businesses forced to go digital to maintain customers during the pandemic, new strategies have been devised to take advantage of online platforms. Unlike an in-person shopping experience where customers look for a clean store and good customer service, shoppers will prioritise a user-friendly website, good photos, and most importantly, rapid online shipping options. 

Businesses that have seen the most success in e-commerce are those promising fast delivery. Next-day and same-day delivery options are becoming an expectation for online businesses of all sizes rather than the premium service it once was. American e-commerce giant Amazon saw their profits surge by a jaw-dropping 220% in 2021 simply by taking advantage of the e-commerce boom. Renowned for their expedited shipping services, Amazon is a key example of how competitive delivery for online businesses can draw new customers in and promote growth. 

For an example closer to home, consider Anothersole. The local footwear brand was also able to promptly respond to product returns and exchanges with express door-to-door delivery by DHL Express. Purchasing shoes online can be tricky — orders sent with shoes of incorrect sizes often entail returns, a commmon concern among businesses in the footwear industry. By being able to track deliveries in real-time, Anothersole is able to address consumer complaints more effectively, indicating a key role fast delivery plays in an e-commerce business.

How long are customers willing to wait for deliveries? 

If your business does not offer fast shipping for online shopping then this may have a real impact on your sales. A study conducted by Econsultancy showed that 50% of customers abandoned their carts due to inadequate delivery options. If these results represent larger consumer trends, then businesses could be losing a significant portion of sales due to inefficient online shipping options. According to the survey, if there was a fixed date for delivery, 31% of the customers were more likely to go through with their delivery. 24% of customers reported that they would continue their purchase if next day delivery were also available. 

This demonstrates that customers are looking for reliability and speed when ordering products online. If your business doesn’t prioritise rapid delivery, it may cease to be competitive in the modern e-commerce market, which is governed by instant gratification. Reliable and quick delivery for online shopping is a must for all e-commerce based businesses.

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Advantages of fast shipping services in e-commerce 

1. Enhance customer satisfaction 

Fast shipping options are associated with reliable service. Many express delivery services like DHL Express offer live tracking updates to clients and consumers to help them see where their package is. With tracking technologies, customers gain trust and assurance in their retailers, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction. Exemplary shipping services will often increase the chance of customers leaving a positive review of your business. 

2. Higher conversion rates 

Offering same-day delivery options or a comparable rapid shipping rate can increase the likelihood of customers placing an order. 

Alongside providing a competitive edge, guaranteeing fast delivery of products to customers can increase your general profit margin; one survey suggested that 41% of consumers are willing to pay extra charges for same-day delivery. 

The bottom line: rapid shipping options for online retailers can increase how many customers make purchases and how much they spend on your website. 

3. Meet rising customer demands 

As generation Z and millennial shoppers are more likely to shop online than in physical stores, there’s no doubt that the popularity of e-commerce is firmly entrenched in the next generation of consumers. These consumers are fixated on urgency, instant gratification and risk-averse purchases. Fast shipping solutions for online retailers will ensure your business can meet customer demands far into the future. 

How can I ensure faster deliveries for my business? 

If e-commerce-based businesses want to remain competitive in the modern market, they need to become same-day delivery ready and invest in fast yet reliable delivery service providers such as DHL Express Singapore.

DHL Express provides some of the best shipping options for online stores that mitigate common delivery issues in e-commerce businesses. The global logistics provider offers stellar last-mile delivery services including speedy international delivery, time-sensitive shipments and local same-day delivery. By choosing DHL Express as your transport provider, your business would be joining a global client base that benefits from our extensive history and knowledge of national and international logistics. Partner with DHL Express today and sign up for a business account to keep your brand competitive.