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Logistics play a vital role in connecting industries, businesses and individuals, all around the world. International shipping is one of the many means that companies can leverage on to scale their businesses and build a global presence outside their home country, through efficient import and export using international courier services.

At DHL Express Singapore, we are fully cognizant of the important role we play in connecting people and improving lives. Our comprehensive range of products and international delivery services are designed to address all your shipping needs. The products below are applicable for importing, exporting, and third party shipments. However, product availability might differ from country to country, therefore, it is important that you communicate with your counterpart and/or DHL Express if you are unfamiliar, before creating your air waybill.

Our team of certified international delivery specialists handle every single shipment with passion and care, while not compromising on our unbelievably speedy delivery commitments. With our “Can-Do” attitude, we overcome all obstacles to ensure each shipment reaches your destination on time, and, in perfect condition – getting it right the first time, every single time.

At DHL Express, we want to make exporting and importing simple, be it for your personal shipments or your business needs.


Our most popular international courier service for time-sensitive imports and exports. Proactive delivery notification upon request. Available to and from all international delivery locations worldwide.

DHL EXPRESS 9:00/10:30/12:00

An international time-critical shipping solution for imports and exports. Delivery before 9:00/10:30/12:00 on the next possible business day. Money-back guarantee & proactive tracking by a dedicated team at DHL Express. Available to and from specific international delivery locations worldwide


An international export service for time-sensitive shipments. Only available by self-lodging at DHL service point outlets in Singapore. Eight standard DHL boxes able to support shipments ranging from 500g to 25kg. Available to all international delivery locations worldwide

If you are still unsure about which import and export international parcel service suits you best, our friendly staff will be more than happy to advise you.

If none of the above international import and export express courier services seem unsuitable for your personal or business needs in Singapore, check out our same day delivery, medical express service, and other optional services at DHL Express Singapore to find a more appropriate delivery service solution.


DHL Express is the leading international courier service that commits to providing comprehensive door-to-door logistic solutions and services for individuals and businesses alike, in and beyond Singapore. With our expertise in business logistics and proficiency in local and international e-commerce logistic solutions, DHL Express promises a seamless, consistent, and comprehensive import and export delivery service each and every time you engage us. 

Visit our FAQ page for more information on how you can best utilise our courier services and enjoy a positive shipping experience, or check out our How-To page for detailed tools and guides on import, export, and international trading.

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