Digital Inventory: Making Your E-commerce Digital Store More Agile

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Gone are the days when inventory management was a manual process of counting goods one by one and then physically updating them on the spreadsheet. With excessive internet penetration and the recent impact of the pandemic, the need for businesses to stand out is growing stronger.

Therefore, to stay in sync with the increasing needs of online customers, merchants need to shift from their traditional inventory management method. Adopting digital inventory technologies makes it easier for companies to manage the flow of inventory based on customer demand.

What does digital inventory mean?

A computerised inventory management system that makes it simple to keep a track of how many goods you have in stock, resulting in better efficiency and less work for you.

Benefits of having a digital inventory

Quick, accurate counts

One of the most significant benefits of having a digital inventory system is that it allows for more accurate and faster counting. Scanning barcodes is faster and more convenient than manually documenting stock numbers or going through pages of inventory records to find the right item. Moreover, it reduces your work of manually entering the numbers into the inventory database, thus minimising the risk of errors and saving time.

Automated inventory stocking process

Restocking inventory to fulfill customer demand while also keeping the prices low might be a challenge if order numbers skyrocket. But, with a digitalized and automated inventory system in place, you will instantly get alerts when your inventory numbers are low. As a result, the reordering process will be more efficient and faster. DHL’s API can be easily integrated on many E-commerce platforms, thereby helping you easily manage all your orders.

Omnichannel inventory management

Millennials are majorly accountable for most of the B2B buying decisions today, keeping a track of your inventory across various channels through a single streamlined interface is extremely important. So, if organisations want to grow their business quickly, increase their customer base and stay competitive; developing an omnichannel strategy is a must. If you want to sell across several platforms and give your customers a consistent experience, you should be able to track inventory across all sales channels.

Real-time inventory information

It provides real-time information on how much inventory you have across the fulfillment centres. It helps you track, view and even manage inventory levels throughout the supply chain. Besides, it will also reduce the risk of overselling and ensure that the stock levels are at par with the consumer demand. This level of visibility and control will make your supply chain more resilient, thus allowing you to replenish stock on time and also plan for unforeseen situations to keep the operations running smoothly.

Why do you need to find the right partner for real-time digital inventory management?

Transparency and express deliveries being the prime need of customers, it is necessary that your logistics provider enables you to enjoy the advantages of real-time inventory management to the fullest. With a logistics provider like DHL Express, you will get a complete and real-time overview of your inventory.

We ensure that your orders are delivered seamlessly without any hassle of customs clearance. Be it inventory management or delivering a shipment overseas, we segregate the entire logistics journey of a shipment into particular compartments with a dedicated team to make sure that the information you receive is constantly accurate.

Our commitment to always putting our customers' interests first is a recurring belief at DHL Express. So, no matter what your requirements are, DHL Express offers fully customised logistics solutions so you can successfully run your business.