How DHL Express Overcomes Global Logistics Challenges

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There is a rising amount of uncertainty in the world today. For instance, the uncertainty index of the global economic policy totalled 224.54 in January 2022. This number will rise as the world struggles to recover amidst the backdrop of adverse events. Hence, businesses would require contingency plans and good crisis and disaster management to mitigate the risks of global logistics disruptions and other challenges. Through sustainable practices and a future-ready mindset, we are able to safeguard the interests of our customers in this complex industry. Read on to find out how we have overcome international logistics challenges along the way.

Continued Innovation

New technologies have been on the rise around the world. For example , a quarter of companies around the globe have gone onto the cloud as of 2020. In the same vein, DHL Express has also adopted many new technologies and delivery solutions to help address the rising demands of consumers and businesses. For instance, DHL Express launched the DHLBot in Asia Pacific through partnering with Dorabot, an AI-powered robotic solution provider. This has led to a significant increase in the productivity and service quality of the parcel sortation. The DHLBot lowers the chances of mis-sorting and hence, eliminates the need for secondary sorting. It is also able to sort more than 1,000 small parcels every hour with an accuracy of 99%.

Risk Management 

Risks are inevitable when it comes to the supply chain. Some common risks would be delayed cargo, trade wars, raw material shortages, changes in climate, economic uncertainty, and many more. According to Straits Times, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a shortage of around 80,000 delivery drivers. To prevent supply chain problems, selecting a reliable and trustworthy shipping company is essential. 

In times of crisis, DHL Express has managed to stay agile through conducting daily meetings with their crisis management team to ensure the agility and consistency in the decision-making process. Furthermore, DHL Express follows several principles to ensure effective communication to ensure that both employees and customers are well-informed especially during times of uncertainty.

Customer Satisfaction 

As the demands of consumers around the world evolve, there is a rising need for businesses to provide quicker and cheaper delivery options for their customers. In fact, a study showed that the acceptable waiting window has decreased from five and a half days to just four and a half. 

By providing logistics automation and micro fulfilment services, we are able to help businesses stay competitive and address the changing needs of consumers around the world. For example, DHL offers on-demand delivery services and DHL Express service points to ensure smooth and contactless deliveries.

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For on-demand delivery services, DHL’s “Signature Release” option is available for customers to select. This option allows the DHL’s courier to place the parcel in an agreed-upon area without any signature required. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this method has increased in popularity due to its contactless delivery nature. 

Technologies for payments, customer identification, and clearance of the needed goods have also been implemented to ensure minimal contact for DHL Express service points. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with the best possible experience. Our team of Certified International Specialists is well-equipped to offer consistent service in every aspect of DHL Express international delivery service, no matter the country. 

Partner with DHL Express 

Although challenges are inevitable in international logistics, we strive to future-proof ourselves against them – and we have done so in many ways. At the same time, our customised logistics solutions offer businesses the flexibility to scale at their own rate. Our products can be integrated seamlessly with your processes and can help to minimise the risks that come with a lack of control and visibility.

As a reliable logistics partner, our services will help you stay relevant and competitive in the most challenging of landscapes. Start shipping with us by signing up for a DHL Express account today.