3 reasons to choose express service for heavy & bulky item delivery

4 Mins Read
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International delivery is an ever-evolving industry. Within its dynamic sphere, shipping heavyweight and bulky items presents an exciting challenge for both businesses and individuals. 

If you are a business owner looking to ship heavy, oversized, or bulky items internationally, here’s why you should consider opting for express delivery service when doing so:

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Factors to consider when shipping large bulky items

Let's first understand what we mean by 'heavyweight' and 'bulky shipping' in this context. Essentially, these terms refer to the transportation of large, heavy, or oversized items – such as furniture, machinery, or equipment – across borders. When planning your heavy shipment, several factors thus come into play:

  • Size and weight: The dimensions and weight of your item will determine the shipping methods and costs available to you.
  • PackagingProper packaging is crucial, especially for shipping large fragile items, to ensure their safety during transit.
  • Destination: Shipping regulations and customs requirements can vary greatly from country to country.
  • Delivery time: If you need your item delivered swiftly, express delivery options such as next-day or on-demand delivery present an instant advantage.

The power of express delivery for large and heavy item delivery

1. Minimised transit time

Heavy and bulky items are not only typically more valuable but also have an increased risk profile, given their size and weight. This makes them particularly susceptible to potential damage or loss during transit. The longer these items are in transit, the greater the risk. Express delivery dramatically minimises this risk by ensuring your large items spend the least amount of time possible in transit.

From the moment your package is picked up until it reaches its destination, express services and couriers work relentlessly to ensure fast and efficient delivery. This rapid transit not only protects your items but also means they reach their new location quickly – a win for both you and your recipient.

2. Enhanced security

Shipping large and heavy items internationally requires a certain level of security to protect them from potential threats such as theft or damage. Express shipping, which predominantly occurs via air, provides this much-needed supervision. Your heavy shipments are subject to stringent security protocols at airports and border controls, safeguarding them from potential pilferage and mishandling.

This robust security infrastructure extends beyond physical safeguards, to encompass advanced tracking technologies that monitor your shipment's progress and status at all times. Therefore, you can rest assured that your bulky items are not only secured physically but also monitored digitally, providing double-layered protection.

3. Greater control and convenience

The express delivery service is a more premium option, but its value becomes clear when you consider the advanced level of control and oversight it offers you throughout the shipping journey. With real-time tracking, you always know exactly where your package is, enabling you to monitor its progress and estimate delivery times accurately. Notifications keep you updated about any changes or delays, so there are no surprises. Furthermore, on-demand delivery allows you to dictate when and where your package is delivered, offering unprecedented control over your shipment's journey.

 These features, combined with the rapid delivery times and enhanced security, make express delivery not only a cost-effective solution for shipping heavy items but also a user-friendly one.

Why choose DHL Express for your heavy and bulky shipping needs?

Among the many courier services available, why should you opt for DHL Express for your bulky item delivery service in Singapore, and abroad? Here's why:

  • Comprehensive tools and tracking: DHL Express provides advanced tools via our MyDHL+ platform for booking, tracking, and managing your shipments, eliminating guesswork from the equation.

  • Time Definite International (TDI) service: This ensures your heavy and bulky shipments arrive at the exact time specified, no matter the destination.

  • On-demand delivery: DHL Express offers a variety of on-demand delivery options, allowing you to control where and when your shipment is delivered, according to your recipient’s preference.

  • Expansive global network: DHL Express boasts an expansive global network of logistics partners and delivery couriers, ensuring smooth shipping of large items, from Singapore to anywhere in the world.

  • Experienced specialists: Our team of logistics experts understand the complexities of shipping large items and will guide you through every step of the process, answering questions like "How much does it cost to ship heavy items?" or "How can I ship a heavy piece of furniture?"

When it comes to shipping heavy items cost effectively and securely, express delivery service is your go-to option. It's the easiest answer to the question "What is the cheapest way to ship large or heavy packages?", especially considering the plethora of benefits it offers. From minimising transit time to offering Breakbulk Express (EPX) for high-volume shipments, DHL Express stands out as a wise choice for sending large, bulky parcels, locally or internationally.

Open a business account with DHL Express today, and embark on your global express shipping journey with the best in the business. Our expansive network, advanced tools, and dedicated specialists are ready to help you ship your heavy and bulky items smoothly and securely to any corner of the globe. Let DHL Express be your partner in success, providing an unrivalled heavy item delivery experience.